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  1. Protocol
    Rules that allow two are more computers to communicate over a network.
  2. Hyperlink
    an object in a web document that can be clicked to access related information
  3. VoIP
    Voice Over Internet Protocol is a popular technology that allows phone conversations to travel over the internet or other data networks.
  4. digital media
    refers to music, video, photographs, graphic art, animation, and 3D graphics stored and processed in a digital format.
  5. components of a computer-based information system
    people, databases, telecom, software, hardware, procedures (CBIS) 6 components
  6. binary number system
    uses only two values, 0 and 1, and is used by computers and digital devices to represent and process data.
  7. Motherboard
    the primary circuit board of a computing device
  8. RAM
    random access memory is temporary or volatile memory that stores bytes of data and program instructions for the processor to access
  9. ROM
    read only memory
  10. flash drive
    USB drive, thumb drive, small flash memory
  11. USB
    Universal Serial Port allows a wide array of devices to connect to a computer through a common port
  12. input device
    assists in capturing and entering raw data into the computer system.
  13. Trackballs
    sits stationary and allows you to control the mouse pointer by rolling a mounted ball.
  14. Ergonomic
    man/machine interface
  15. LCD
    liquid crystal display is a thin, flat display that uses liquid crystals, an inorganic, oil like material, placed between two pieces of glass to form characters and graphic images on a backlit screen.
  16. application software
    programs written to perform tasks or solve problems for people, groups, and organizations. Some application software like word processors, spreadsheets, and database management software, assists people and organizations to be more productive. Other application software, like media players and games, helps people to have fun.
  17. open-source software
    distributed freely with the source code so that it can be studied, changed, and improved on by other users. Evolves from the combined contribution of its users.
  18. operating system
    controls hardware. It is a set of computer programs that runs or controls the computer hardware and acts as an interface with both application programs and users. Operating systems can control one computer or multiple computers, or they can allow multiple users to interact with one another.
  19. graphical user interface
    (GUI) makes use of a keyboard and mouse to manipulate graphics images on the display to issue commands to the computer system. A graphical user interface offers others many advantages over a command based user interface. It is very intuitive and easy to use, you can explore to figure it out, help menus and wizards available.
  20. proprietary operating system
    embedded operating systems?
  21. Defragmentation
    maintain files on disk and arrange in a useful manner
  22. Spreadsheet
    allows what if analysis, numbered rows, lettered columns
  23. backward compatibility
    a newer version of a software package can automatically read files from an older version of the same software
  24. artificial intelligence (AI)
    simulate human thought and behavior.
  25. computer vision
    combines hardware, camera and scanner, and AI software that permit computers to capture, sotre and interpret visual images and pictures.
  26. speech recognition
    allows a computer to understand and react to spoken statements and commands. It is possible to speak into a microphone connected to a computer and have the computer convert the electrical impulses generated from the voice into text files or program commands.
  27. computer network
    a collection of computing devices connected to share resources such as files, software, processors, storage, and printers.
  28. Internet backbone
    main internet pathways and connections, is made up of the many national and international communication networks
  29. DSL connection
    Digital Subscriber Line, uses customer's phone line but there is no dialing up and users can use the internet and talk on the phone at the same time.
  30. IP address
    a unique 32 bit identifier for internet hosts. Four numbers separated by periods, can be permanently assigned or as needed.
  31. URL
    • Uniform Resources Locator, acts as a web page address, incorporating the domain name of the web server and the location of the web page file on the server. Components:
    • Protocol, Web Server, Domain name, Location on Server, Requested file
    • http:// www. cca/ch1/ index.html
  32. Cookies
    small text files stored on computer, can contain data or a unique identifier that can be used to look up your personal profile in a database on the server. Information accessed can include name, address, and other personal information such as credit card information, items previously purchased and amount of time spent viewing items.
  33. Wiki
    a website designed to allow users to add, remove and edit content
  34. characteristics of communication
    message is not communicated directly and must go through a communications medium
  35. digital signal
    high low
  36. analog signal
    fluctuates continuously
  37. fiber-optic cable
    consists of thousands of extremely thin strands of glass or plastic bound together in a sheathing (a jacket) transmits signals with light beams, generated by lasers and are conducted along the transparent fibers.
  38. network adapter
    a computer circuit board, PC card, or USB device installed in a computer so that the computer can be connected to a network.
  39. Gateway
    network port that acts as an entrance to another network.
  40. cellular network
    a radio network in which a geographic area is divided into cells with a transceiver antenna (tower) and station at the center of each cell, to support mobile.
  41. cellular carrier
    a company that builds and maintains a cellular network and provides cell phone service to the public.
  42. Bluetooth
    enables a wide assortment of digital devices to communicate directly with each other wirelessly over short distances.
  43. local area network (LAN)
    connects computer systems and devices within the same building or local geographical area.
  44. Tunneling
    securely send private network over the internet
  45. wide area network (WAN)
    connects LAN and MAN between cities across the country, and around the world using microwave and satellite transmission or telephone lines.
  46. digital audio
    any type of sound, including voice, music and sound effects, recorded and stored digitally as a series of 1s and 0s.
  47. Podcast
    an audio file that contains a recorded broadcast distributed over the internet
  48. sound compression
    psychoacoustic modeling to remove frequencies from audio files that people cannot hear.
  49. bit-mapped images
    lose clarity as they are enlarged
  50. Tagged Image File Format
    tif, an industrial strength format used by many professional photographers and graphic artist
  51. video game consoles
    high powered multiprocessor computers designed to support 3D interactive multimedia.
  52. interactive TV
    video on demand, personal video recorder, local information on TV, purchase over TV, Internet access over TV, video games
  53. File
    a collection of related records
  54. Redundancy
    occurs when data is copied, stored and used from different locations.
  55. relational model
    describes data using a standard tabular format. All data elements are placed in two dimensional tables called relations that are logical equivalent of files. The tables in relational databases organize data in rows and columns, simplifying data access and manipulation - how 2 files are related to each other via common elements
  56. multiuser database
    allows multiple employees to access and edit data simultaneously. Referred to as database development platforms.
  57. B2B
    business-to-business e-commerce
  58. supply chain management
    producing and selling goods
  59. marketplaces online clearinghouses Web auctions
    provides a platform for businesses and individuals to sell their products and belongings.
  60. Banner
    a rectangular area embedded in the web page content for advertising, often across the top of the page.
  61. financial area of MIS
    payables, receivables, general ledger, profitability
  62. DSS
    decision support system, support problem specific decision making
  63. what the figure represents
    Information system relationships: Transaction processing system, TPS; management information system, MIS; Decision support system, DSS; Expert system, ES
  64. Groupware
    GDSS software, calendars, email
  65. Informatics
    combines traditional disciplines like science and medicine with computer systems and technology
  66. geographic information system (GIS)
    capable of storing, manipulating, and displaying geographic or special information, including maps or locations or regions around the world.
  67. telecommunications eavesdropping
    security threat
  68. Piracy
    illegal copying, use and distribution of digital intellectual property such as software, music, and movies.
  69. war driving
    act of driving through neighborhoods with a wireless notebook or handheld computer and looking for unsecured wi-fi networks.
  70. Virus
    a program that attaches itself to a file, spreads to other files, and delivers a destructive action called a payload. The payload could be the corruption of computer data files or system files resulting in the loss of data or malfunctioning computer.
  71. repetitive stress injury
    RSI, an injury such as tendinitis and tennis elbow
  72. consumer-generated media
    CGM, the role of the public in capturing and reporting news.
  73. punishment for disseminating bomb-making information
    20 yrs in prison
  74. privacy issues
    freedom from intrusion, surveillance, control over the information collected and kept about ones self.
  75. Cookies
    can allow companies to gather information on customers
  76. full transparency
    all surveillance and information should be accessible to every law abiding citizen. Governments and law enforcements should not maintain exclusive control over surveillance. Citizens should have the ability to turn the cameras on authority to ensure that power is not being abused.
  77. social and economic gaps in society
    digital divide
  78. Globalization
    changes in society and the world economy resulting from dramatically increased international trade and cultural exchange
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