1. Aaron’s rod
    architectural ornament depicting a rod with foliage, almonds and sometimes a serpent twined around it; from biblical episodes in which Aaron placed his staff before the tabernacle,after which it bloomed, and before the Pharaoh,at which it became a serpent; see also staff ofAsclepius, Mercury.
  2. abacus
    Lat.; a flat squared slab at the very top of a classical column, the upper part of a capital above an echinus and below an entablature
  3. abattoir
    slaughterhouse; a building in which animals are slaughtered for the production of meat and other products.
  4. abbey
    a community of monks over seen by an abbot, or of nuns by an abbess; also the main buildings of this community.
  5. absolute humidity
    the moisture content of air measured as the weight of water vapour per unit volume of air; SI units are kg/m3.
  6. absolute zero
    the lowest attainable temperature,equivalent to 0 degree C kelvin or -273.16degree C.
  7. absorption coefficient
    in room acoustics, a measure of the capacity of a material or construction to absorb sound of a given frequency incident upon it.
  8. absorption unit
    metric sabin
  9. absorptivity
    1 a material property, the ability of asolid to absorb a liquid, radiation, energy etc.2 thermal absorptivity.3 see light absorptivity.
  10. abstract art
    a branch of art which is non representational or freely represents reality in the form of patterns and colours.
  11. abutment
    • 1 the meeting place, joint or lap of two adjacent components, parts of construction etc.
    • 2 the planar joint formed by two surfaces or edges placed adjacent to or touching one another.
    • 3 the meeting of the upper edge or verge of a pitched roof and a balustrade, parapet or upperwall surface; especially the vertical surface or structure which rises from this.
    • 4 the part of a loadbearing system or member from which loads are supported.
    • 5 walling or support on either side of the impost of an arch to prevent it from splaying outwards.
    • 6 see bridge abutment.
    • 7 see end abutment.
  12. acacia
    a genus of bushes and hard wood trees from warm climates. Acacia melanoxylon, see Australian blackwood.
  13. acanthus
    Lat.; carved and decorative ornament found especially adorning classical Corinthian capitals,based on stylized leaves of the Mediterranean acanthus plant, Bear’s breech or brank-ursine
  14. accessibility
    • 1 in town and traffic planning, a measureof how easily and by which mode of transport aparticular area can be reached.
    • 2 the ability of a component or construction to beeasily accessed for maintenance, repair, replacementetc.
  15. access ladder
    • 1 a ladder attached to the externalwall of a building to provide maintenance access to the roof; also called a roof access ladder.
    • 2 see roof ladder.
    • 3 see chimney ladder.
    • 4 loft ladder, see disappearing stair.
  16. accordion door
    a folding door with a number of hinged vertical panels which fold together when the door is open.
  17. acoustic
    acoustical; dealing with or based onsound, or the treatment of sound.
  18. acre
    an imperial unit of area equivalent to 4047 m2.
  19. acropolis
    in classical Greek architecture, a citys tronghold or fortress constructed on higher ground than surrounding urban fabric
  20. acroterion
    acroter; in classical architecture, a plinth or pedestal for statues, set at the apex or eaves of a temple; also often the statues or ornaments themselves;plural acroteria; Latin form is acroterium,Greek is akroterion.
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