Sacred Scripts 2

  1. Which Greek military leader conquered the Persian empire?
    Alex the Great
  2. Four prohibitions imposed upon the Jews by Antiochus VI
    temple sacrifices, cirumcision, TORAH, Judiasm
  3. What Jewish holiday celebrates the re-dedication of the Temple from Zeus to YHWH?
    Feast of Lights - Hannukah
  4. Who is King Herod the Great?
    renovates Temple, rededicates it to YHWH
  5. Who is King Herod Antipas?
    son of Herod the Great, machiavellian ruler
  6. In what year did Rome overtake Jerusalem and destroy the Temple?
    63-65 AD
  7. When did Jews and Christians finally separate?
    year 100
  8. Among whom did Alexander the Great divide the empire?
    Alexander's military generals
  9. What are the ways scholars probe the scriptures to discern the "historical Jesus"?
    extra-biblical evidence, multiple asetation, continuity
  10. What are the three stages of biblical development?
    historical, oral, written
  11. Which was the first gospel written?
  12. Which was the last gospel written?
  13. What theory attempts to explain the similarities between the synoptic gospels?
    two-source theory
  14. What lies at the center of Mark's gospel?
    passion prediction
  15. What is the alternating pattern of Matthew's gospel?
    5 books, a-travel, b-teach
  16. What other book did Luke write?
    Acts of the Apostles
  17. What are the names of the two "books" of John's gospel?
    Book of signs, Book of glory
  18. What is the name of the community of disciples who produced John's gospel?
    Jonannine community
  19. What other biblical books did the Jonannine community produce?
    1, 2, 3, Letters of John & Revelation
  20. What is the "fufillment formula"? (Matthew)
    in fufillment of...
  21. What is the Q-source?
    hypothetical document of the actual spoken words of Jesus
  22. Who was for and against to circumcision?
    for- Peter, against - Paul
  23. The first half of Acts of the Apostles concerns who and where?
    Peter - Jerusalem
  24. The second half of the Acts of the Apostles concerns who and where?
    Paul - Greek World
  25. To waht does Pentecost refer?
    coming of the Holy Spirit
  26. What was Paul's former name?
  27. Mark's Gospel
    • Rome
    • Audience - loss/death/pain/escape death/Messiah
    • Image - Suffering Messiah
    • Charac - suffering/cross/death, urgency
  28. Matthew
    • Antioch
    • Audience - intellectual Jews
    • Image - New Moses
    • Charac - hightened righteousness, Old T. allusions, fufillment formula, teaching
    • Struc - 5 books, a.b.
  29. Luke
    • Greece
    • Audience - disconnected, marginalized, 2nd class Xtians, foreigners
    • Image - Spirit-filled Prophet (oracle)
    • Charac - inclusive, pray a lot, spirit
    • Struct - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 4 - Parables of the Lost
  30. John
    • Jonannine Community
    • Audience - Rome, persec., getting expelled from temple
    • Image - Divine Man, God=Jesus
    • Charac - signs, all knowning, all powerful, poetic, dualisn, symbolic, double entendre
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