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  1. An account holding that the universe was created through an explosion about thirteen billion years ago resulting in the rapid expansion of matter, energy, time, and space
    big bang theory
  2. The evolutionary theory, holding that human life originated from the simplest life- forms, that each generation of life passes on to the next generation the genetic traits that best enabled it to survive and reproduce over time this process has led to a variety of increasingly complex lifeforms
  3. In it's strictest sense, and emphasis on a literal interpretation of a religion's sacred texts and primary teachings. In a more general sense, an intensely traditionalist form of religion impelled by reaction against modern forces and the religious reforms they encourage; it tends to reject diversity of interpretation in favor of an authoritarian approach that insists on one "true" interpretation.
  4. The linking and intermixing of cultures
  5. An attempt to promote harmonny between religions, first inspired by ecumenism
    interfaith dialogue
  6. Within religious traditions, the counterpart to traditionalism, holding that a religion should adapt to society's changes
  7. An anticipated era that is expected to last one thousand years; one of the beliefs central to Jehovah's Witnesses.
    millennial age
  8. The general process by which societies transform economically, socially, and culturally to conform with the standards set by industrialized Europe
  9. The coexistance of different peoples and their cultures
  10. A relatively recent field incorporating psychological and biological studies of religion, focusing on the brain's involvement in religious experience and ritual
  11. A perspective that arose in the late twentieth century, reflecting a critical reaction to the trends of the modern world
  12. A theory of physics, developed primarily during the middle of the twentieth century, holding that the laws of nature are not entirely certain, implying that analyses of nature ultimately can arrive at only probablilities and predictions
    quantum mechanics
  13. The worldwide fiew that science is the only valid method of acquiring knowledge
  14. the worldview that ultimate value is grounded entirely in the human realm, not in the divine or the supernatural
    secular humanism
  15. Within religious traditions, a common reaction to rapid chagnes in the surrounding world, involving the maintenance of older forms of belief and practice regardless of new social norms
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faith vocab pg 293
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