1. Day Law (Short Answer)
    In 1948, a law was passed that black medical personnel could attend classes in white hospitals to learn new methods of treatments. This lead to Lyman Johnson attempting to enroll into UK's grad school. Johnson was a veteran, history teacher from Louisville. The trustees denied his access and this decision was challenged and the KY District Court ruled in favor of Johnson. Johnson and a dozen other blacks were granted admittance to UK's grad school
  2. Martha Layne Collins (Short Answer)
    Collins was the 56th governor of Kentucky. She was the first and only female governor to date in the state's history. Passionate for education, she made kintergarden required for all kids and instituted more rimedial programs. She increased teacher's salaries and helped raise the university enrollment by nearly 30%. She passed more drunk driving laws and one of her biggest succusses was bringing Toyota's car plant to Georgetown, Ky.
  3. Georgia Powers (Short Answer)
    Powers was the first women to enter Kentucky's senate. She was previously involved in the Civil Rights movement and helped people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson speak to Kentucky's governor about racial issues. Powers opened up housing for black Americans to actually buy; previously it was illegal for even a white person to purchase land for blacks. She is also known for raising minumum wage at the time.
  4. Flyod Collins (Short Answer)
    Colins was a popular cave explorer from Kentucky. He was one of the first nationaly known news stories when he was searching Sand Cave and the entrance collapsed on him. This attracted news people from all over the naion to report on this tragic event. He was initially able to receive food, water and communicate through i small hole in the cave-in but soon another collapse occured and he was nearly 60 feet below the surface. Collins died just three days before a dig team got to where he was located.
  5. Hatfeild-McCoy Feud (short answer)
    Perfect example of Feud Violence in KY. This was a ten year feud Between the two families that had lasted nearly ten years. It was started over economic issues; a stolen pig. Within the decade of chaos, twelve lives were lost in a constant search for revenge on each other.
  6. In the early 1900's, it took over in Kentucky. Towns were built over night and had great use within the state. But it did take away value of self-reliance and independence like in farming/rural commuinities. Coorperation control of cities.
    King Coal
  7. Born in Johnson County, KY. This musician wrote "Coal Minor's Daughter"
    Loretta Lynn
  8. Post Civil War, it is no longer Kentucky's cash crop and is replaced with other methods of farming such as tobacco, crops and cattle
  9. From Racine, KY, He was the Grandfather of Bluegrass music.
    Bill Monroe
  10. White Barley takes over and mass crop for Kentucky in the 1860s. Air drying process is much easier and qucicker
  11. Kentucky governor who created KFC
    John Brown Jr.
  12. Kentucky journalist
    John Fox Jr.
  13. They wanted to break away from the old society and government and start anew. They wanted to be more involved to help and act in the economy
    New Departure Democrats
  14. Author who wrote A Kentucky Cardinal; a novel on the culture of living in Kentucky
    James Layne Allen
  15. Older Kentuckians who wanted to maintain the old lifestyle and society pre WW1; restrictive government
    Bourbon Democrats
  16. Kentucky author who wrote All The King's Men
    Robert Penn Warren
  17. The Kentucky journalist and novelist who wrote A Mountain Europa.
    Braxton Bragg
  18. Political boss from Louisville, KY. He worked for the Journal-Courier. He also later became the ambassator for Great Britain.
    Robert Worth Bingham
  19. He was famous for Morgan's Raids against the Union soldiers
    John Hunt Morgan
  20. Lousville Journal-Courier writer
    Henry Watterson
  21. Battle of Brute Force for both Confederacy and the Union. There was a lot of bloodshed in this one day battle and made it the high tide for the Confederacy.
    Battle of Perryvlle
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