Chem unit 4

  1. Ions:
    are atoms that have gained a positive or negative charge.
  2. Relate electron configuration of an atom to its chemical reaction:
    the difference in reactivity is directly related to the valence electrons. Unreactive noble gases have electron configurations that have a full outermost energy level.
  3. Cations:
    A positively charged ion.
  4. Anion:
    a negatively charged ion.
  5. Polyatomic ions:
    • ions made up of more than one atom.
    • a polyatomic ion composed of an element bonded to one or more oxygen atoms is an oxyanion.
    • The ion with the greater number of oxygen atoms gets the suffix -ate
    • The ion with the fewer oxygen atoms gets the suffix -ite.
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Chem unit 4
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