Scy Exam test 10

  1. What is the cell cycle? What happens in each phase?
    • The cell cycle is G1 S G2 M
    • G1-growth
    • S- copying of DNA
    • G2-growth (again)
    • M-mitosis (PMAT) (G1-G2 is interphase)
  2. What are somatic cells? How many chromosomes are found in them?
    • somatic cells are-(diploid) are any cells forming the body of an organism
    • 46 Chromosomes
  3. What does diploid and haploid mean?
    • Diploid- has all of the chromosomes
    • Haploid- has half of the chromosomes
  4. How many phases are in Mitosis? What are they?
    • 4
    • Prophase
    • Metephase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
  5. What are centrioles, spindle fibers, centromeres?
    Centrioles-A self-replicating, small, fibrous, cylindrical-shaped organelle, typically located in the cytoplasm near the nucleus in cells of most animals. It is involved in the process of nuclear division.

    spindle fibers-Any of a network of filaments that collectively form a mitotic spindle (in mitosis) and meiotic spindle (in meiosis). It is chiefly involved in moving and segregating the chromosomes during nuclear division.

    centromeres-he constricted region joining the two sister chromatids that make up an X-shaped chromosome.
  6. What happens in each phase of mitosis?
    • Prophase-nucleus starts to fade and centrioles and spindler fibers start to appear and chromosomes start to become visible
    • Metephase- chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
    • Anaphase-Chromatids seperate to opposite sides of the cell
    • Telophase-cell starts to split, spindle fibers and centrioles start to dissapear and nuclues starts to reappear.
  7. what does homologous mean?
    • 1. one of a pair of chromosomes
    • 2. a chromosome with the same gene sequence as another
  8. What does cytokinesis mean?
    The division of the cytoplasm and the plasma membrane following the division of the nucleus resulting into two cells, each having its own nucleus and cytoplasm surrounded by a plasma membrane.
  9. Be able to identify pictures of mitosis (you will have 2pictures)
    as Mrs. Corbett would say, free answer (smiley face)
  10. be able to know what happens in each check point in the cell cylce and where is each chek point
    on test numbe 10, look at questions 2, 4, 6, 8, 25
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