Test 7 and 8

  1. The process of ______ involves moving from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration.
  2. The ______claims that a large anerobic bacteria swallowed a small aerobic prokaryote
    Endosymboiant Hypothesis
  3. the diffusion of water
  4. What method of cellular transport involves vesicles
  5. Moving from areas of low concentration to high is___
    active transport
  6. this component of the cytoskelleton system is made up of tublin subunits
  7. The ___ and ____ are two compartments in the mitochondria
    Matrix and Cristae
  8. What organell has a double membrane
  9. WHAT is the fingerprint of the cell
  10. What is the name for when something is to complex to come from a less complex thing
    ex the cell needs all of its organells in order to survive it couldn't have evolved
    Irreducible complexity
  11. What are all the parts of the cell theory
    • All living things are composed of cells
    • Cells are the smallest units capable of life
    • cells come from existing cels
  12. What does the term fluid mosaic mean
    moves easily, composed of several different parts
  13. Name the Two differences between a eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells
    • E-multi celled, not bacteria
    • P- single celled, are bacteria
  14. What is the process of an organism using sunlight?
  15. Plants absorb____ light and reflect____ light
    Red / Green
  16. ______ produces the red color found in some plants,like flowers and leaves
  17. The light reactions take place in the _____
  18. What is needed to excite electrons
  19. What happens to water when electrons become excited
    it splits into H+ and O2
  20. what energy is needed to power etc
  21. What is an autotroph? What is a heterotroph
    Autotroph makes its own food a heterotroph finds its own food
  22. What happens in stage 1 of photosynthesis? 2?
    oxygen is made / H+ provides energy for ADP to join with a phosphate /
  23. the stroma grana and thykaloid are all found in the ____
  24. Describe the process of ETC
    The excited electron travels down the thykaloid membrane in a chain. When it loses energy the energy lost is used to power the H+ ions down the ATP synthase
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Test 7 and 8
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