Mid-Term Final

  1. What should you do if you are in a car and an earthquake happens?
    Stop and stay inside!
  2. Who studies plants and animals that live in the ocean?
    Biological oceanographer
  3. The uranium-lead method is useful in...
    Determining the age of Earth's oldest rocks.
  4. The area where two tectonic plates meet is called a ___________
  5. Theory says that a huge continent once existed. What is it called?
  6. How is the intensity of an earthquake determined?
    The amount of damage it causes
  7. How is a climate model related to a complex mathematical model?
    The climate model has many variables that musts be processed by computers.
  8. According to geologist, how old is the Earth?
    4.6 billion years
  9. When plates slide past each other, what type of boundary is formed?
  10. A model car is a __________model.
    Physical model
  11. What do geologist use to date rock layers?
    Index fossils
  12. When plates separate, a _________boundary forms
  13. The study of the origin, history and structure of the Earth is called________.
  14. What is the largest division of geologic time?
  15. A Normal fault occurs because of ________
  16. Missing rock layers caused by erosion are called________________.
  17. What type of boundary is formed when plates collide?
  18. Nonmetallic minerals that are valued for their beauty and rarity are called
  19. Surface mines are____________
    Open pit and quarry mines
  20. To measure the mass of a horse, what unit of measurement would you use?
  21. A mineral deposit that is large and pure enough to be mined is called a(n)___________
  22. Earth's largest mass extinction occurred in which era?
  23. The Earth's core has a liquid layer. What is it called?
    Outer core
  24. Why do geologist use a geologic time scale?
    To divide the Earth's history into manageable parts.
  25. Elastic deformation leads to ________
  26. The amount of ground motion determines the __________of an earthquake
    strength or magnitude
  27. The ___________ is the Earth's outermost layer.
  28. In order for a scientist to figure out the absolute age of a rock, he/she must...
    figure out the rate of decay for a radioactive element in the rock.
  29. Scientist believe that ____________was a major cause of the extinction of dinosaurs.
    Climate change
  30. The point where an earthquake begins is called the ___________
  31. The area on the surface of the Earth directly above the focus of an earthquake is called the __________
  32. The Richter magnitude scale measures the ______________________
    strength of an earthquake
  33. Most _________________occur along the edges of _____________ ___________.
    earthquake; Tectonic plates
  34. Sea-floor spreading takes place along the __________________
    Mid-ocean ridges
  35. What are seismic waves?
    Waves of energy from earthquakes that travel through the Earth in all directions.
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