Midterm vocab 2

  1. abstain
    to not do something; refrain
  2. confound
    to confuse and frustrate
  3. deplete
    to use up;waste
  4. implement
    to put into action; execute
  5. infuse
    to inject; to fill something or someone with
  6. inhibit
    to get in the way of; hinder
  7. prohibit
    to stop one from doing something; prevent
  8. replete
    filled up with
  9. retinue
    a group that attends to an important person
  10. suffuse
    to fill up from within; to spread throughout
  11. sustain
    to support for an extended period of time
  12. tenacious
    stubbornly persistent; determined
  13. adept
    skilled; expert at
  14. aptitude
    skill or suitability for
  15. disposition
    attitude or mood
  16. effigy
    a figure constructed in mockery
  17. figment
    something invented or imaginary
  18. formative
    occurring at the time of most influence
  19. impose
    to forcibly place upon
  20. inept
    unskilled; clumsy
  21. misinformation
    untrue or wrong information
  22. posit
    to put forth; assert
  23. prefigure
    to look like or predict a later thing or event
  24. reform
    to bring back to rightness, order, or morality
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Midterm vocab 2
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