Memory Chapter 7

  1. ENCODING (getting info into memory)
    Involves forming a memory code

    E.g. Entering data through a keyboard
  2. STORAGE (short/long term memory)
    Involves maintaining encoded information in memory over time

    E.g. Saving data in file on hard disk
  3. RETRIEVAL (getting info back)
    Involves recovering information from memory stores

    E.g. Calling up file and displaying data on monitor
  4. ENCODING - structural encoding (shallow processing)
    Visual, physical stimuli

    E.g. Angles, shading, caps vs. not
  5. ENCODING - phonemic processing (intermediate)
    Recognize patterns
  6. ENCODING - semantic encoding (deep processing)
    What a word means, association btwn objects/categories = meaning
  7. STORAGE - sensory memory approx. = holding bin
    We decide thru selective attention what to keep and what's extraneous

    Sensory input = auditory, visual stimuli
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Memory Chapter 7
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