FMD final

  1. Young adult
  2. Young adult Erickson Stage
    • Intimacy vs isolation
    • self support
    • independence
    • developing intimate relationships
    • own family
  3. Define Infallibility Syndrome
    • It wont happen to me
    • leads to risky behaviors
  4. Health Maintenance in Yound Adult
    • Maintaining physical activity
    • decrease tabacco and alcohol
    • positive mental health practices
    • lifelong habits established in young adult
  5. Middle adult
  6. Erickson stage of middle adult
    • generativity vs stagnation
    • contributing in a positve way to family and community
    • total concer for self / denial of develpomental processes
  7. Presbyopia
    age related changes in vision taht result in farsited
  8. Presbycusis
    • Age related hearing lose
    • decreased ability to hear high tones
  9. Conductive hearing loss
    a build up of wax in the ear
  10. Sensorineural hearing loss
    conduction of nerve impulses since of equal librium
  11. Fluid Inteligence
    ability to process new and novel info.
  12. crystalized intelligence
    ability to apply knowledge over time and by experience and make the right choice the first time
  13. implicit memory
    • procedural
    • motor and congnitive skils tat you practice that become automatic
  14. Explicit memory
    • declaritive
    • knowledge bout the world fact and figures taht can be detailed verbally
  15. Working Memory
    ability to associate past events with the present
  16. Adaptive self care
    problem focused work to master the situation
  17. palliative self care
    emtions focus emotional response to situations can't affect change
  18. Late Adult
  19. Erickson stage during late adult
    integrity vs despair
  20. Autonomy
    self direction
  21. Competence
    do stuff with others
  22. Relatedness
    since of belonging
  23. Presbyastasis
    • geriatric
    • dizziness and balance dficits in absence of other pathology
  24. Hypogeuia
    • decrease in taste
    • geriatric
  25. Hyposmia
    decrease in taste and spit
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