History of Photography

  1. what are the characteristics of an Ambrotype
    • glass
    • negative AND possitive
    • whitened glass then put on black fabric to invert negative
  2. What are the characteristics of Tintypes (or ferrotype)?
    • Positive on black metal
    • Mirror Image
    • Very affordable
  3. What are the characteristics of Dry Plate?
    • No darkroom to cary with you
    • Reproducable
    • Heated plates
    • more travel portraiture
    • requires a shutter
    • use of light meter is required
    • very fragile
  4. What are the characteristics of Flexible Film?
    • Invented by George Eastman
    • kodak/brownie camera
    • used with cartridge system
    • Kodachrome- color migration
    • "you push the button, we do the rest"
  5. what are the characteristics of Daguerreotypes?
    • Sharp
    • not reproducible
    • "mirror with a memory"
    • longish exposure
    • mirror image (upside down and backwards)
  6. What are the characteristics of Calotypes?
    • negative
    • reproducable
    • painterly
    • paper negative
    • shorter exposure
  7. What did Sr. John Herschel do?
    • coined the terms "photography" and "snapshot"
    • made fixer
    • invented cyanotype
    • invented anthotype
  8. What are the characteristics of wet collodion?
    • sharp
    • reproducible
    • has to be wet when it is exposed and developed
    • blue sensitive sky
    • have to take the darkroom with you
  9. Who invented Carte de visite cards?
    Andre adolphe Disderi in 1854
  10. What is the date of the discovery of Sunprints?
  11. What is the date of the discovery of the camera lucida?
  12. What date was the silver reacting to light discovered? (bottles)
  13. What date was the daguerreotype announced?
    January 7, 1839
  14. What date was the daguerreotype demonstrated?
    August 19, 1839
  15. What did Niepce invent/discover and when?
    • 1st image
    • print making process
    • 1839
  16. What did talbot contribute and when?
    • book: pencil of nature
    • calotype patent
    • presents photogenic drawings on January 31, 1839
  17. What did Anna Atkins do?
    made the first REAL photo book
  18. who invented cabinet cards?
    • Windsor & Bridge
    • 1863
  19. Who invented Polaroid?
    • Edwin Land
    • 1949
  20. Who invented Kodachrome?
    • Man & Godouski
    • "took god and man to create color photography"
  21. Who invented Photoshop?
    Thomas Knoll
  22. Who invented the Tintype?
    Adolphe Martin
  23. Who introduced Wet Collodion process?
    Fredrick scott Archer
  24. What did John Parker Maynard discover?
    Collodion by dissolving guncotton in ether
  25. Who invented the stereoscope and stereocards?
    Sir David Brewster
  26. Modernism
    • overriding objective: embracing reflection of industrial revolution (percision, detail, repetition) WWI helped bring in the movement
    • all about shape, form, and line
    • no manipulations
    • Major players: paul strand, edward weston, ansel adams, imogen cunningham, hearfeild, jacob riis, Lewis Hine
    • F64 group
  27. Post-Modernism
    • about deconstruction, conceptual, rebelling against modernism
    • didn't want idealism/perfection
    • hated form and shape
    • landscapes become "man made"
  28. what role do critics and museums play on photography as an art?
    Moma: gets to decide what is acceptable in art
  29. Pictrialism
    • photography as an art
    • used "effects" burning/dodging, craping, kicked tripod, soft lenses, etc
    • dream-like subjects and narrative
    • lots of darkroom manipulations
    • printed on platinum, carbon prints, photograveurs, aka difficult processes
    • brotherhood of the linked ring and photosessecion
  30. Early Portrature
    • Hill/Adamson: pictorial/expressive/about environment
    • Felix Nadar: Clean studio/artistic light/discriptive
    • Mathew Brady
    • Southward/Haws: simple
    • Carjet: simple backdrops/dramatic light
    • Julia Margaret Cameron
  31. Travel/Landscape
    • Francis Frith: Middle East/Egypt/Syria
    • Du Camp: Egypte/Nubie/Palestine/Syrie
    • Bayard:
    • Roger Fenton: Crimean war
    • Bisson Brothers: Alpine glaciers/Mont-Blanc
    • Tim O'sullivan: panama
    • Watkins: Yosemite
    • Russel: Train
  32. Journalism
    • Roger Fenton: Crimean War
    • -Civil War: mathew brady, gardner, o'sullivan, russel, barnard
    • *couldnt distribute work until after halftone technology.
    • Magnum photography
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