Beginning Drawing3

  1. shading
    the process of adding tone to selected areas of a drawing. very often the intention of shading is to indicate the presence of a shadow, but this is not always the case
  2. shape
    a 2d figure created by connecting actual or implied lines that enclose an area of space. a shape can be geometric or organic
  3. sketch
    a rapid drawing or painting. this may be complete in itself or used for a more detailed project
  4. space
    the use of elements indicating depth achieved by perspective techniques
  5. foreground
    in a 2d work that creates an illusion of 3d the area that seems closed to the observer
  6. middle ground
    in a 2d work that creates the illusion of 3d the area that appears to lie in a middle distance between the foreground and the background
  7. background
    in a 2d work that creates an illusion of 3d, the area that appears farthest from the observer
  8. station point
    the point of a drawing at which the artist stands in relation to the subject or, in the case of a drawing from invention or imagination, the position of the droughts man implied by the character of the depiction
  9. stipple
    very short hatching strokes in pen or pencil resembling tiny dots, useful in creating smooth value changes and texture effects
  10. support
    the surface upon which a drawing is executed, whether it be paper, cloth, wood, stone, or any other material
  11. texture
    in relation to drawing, may be defined as surface quality independent of form and color. texture is normally created by a consistent pattern of tonal variation and it may be produced either by the marking medium or by the nature of the support, or by a combo
  12. tone
    together with line, tone may be regarded as one of the two elements that characterize the art of drawing. the tone of an area is determined by the amount of light reflected, and is synonymous with value
  13. value
    degree of lightness or darkness in a color and the relation of light and shade in a drawing, synonymous with tone
  14. vanishing point
    the point on the horizon line where parallel lines appear to converge or meet
  15. rendering
    creating volume illusion through hatching or shading areas within a contour
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