Chapter 25

  1. Mechanism of Interaction
    • Precipitant drug-drug that causes interaction
    • Object drug-drug whose effect is altered
    • St Johns wart (anti-depressant) and Plavix (thins the blood)- combined thins the blood even more
    • SJW is precipitant and Plavix is object
  2. Pharmokinetics
    • A-Absorption
    • D-Distribution
    • M-Metabolism
    • E-Excretion
    • Drug interaction usually occurs at the receptor site
  3. Analgesics
    • Aspirin/NSAIDS+Warfarin= very thin blood!
    • NSAIDS+Antihypertensives= decreased effect of BP meds
    • Opioids+CNS depressant= increase CNS depressant effect-synergistic
  4. Anti-infectives
    • Bacteriostatic+Bacteriocidal=antagonistic because cidal kills bacteria that are reproducing
    • Anti-infectives+warfarin= thins blood even more by different mechanisms
  5. Epinephrine
    • Epi and non-selective beta blockers-antagonistic
    • Epi and diabetics- increases blood sugar
    • Epi and alpha blockers-epi reversal
    • Epi and tricyclic antidepressants- increased BP
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Chapter 25
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