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  1. Lungs
    Anterior CRP at 3rd and 4th intercostal spaces
  2. Heart
    Anterior CRP at 2nd intercostal space
  3. Sinuses
    Anterior CRP at 1st rib
  4. Eye
    CRP at Lateral humerus
  5. Ears
    CRP at Middle clavicle
  6. Appendix
    CRP at tip of right 12th rib
  7. Appendix
    Posterior CRP at tranverse process of T11
  8. Rectum
    CRP at Lesser trochanter
  9. Colon
    CRP at IT band
  10. Adrenals
    Anterior CRP 2" superior and 1" lateral to umbilicus
  11. Adrenals
    Posterior CRP between spinous and transverse processes of T11-12
  12. Kidneys
    Anterior CRP 1" superior and 1" lateral to umbilicus
  13. Kidneys
    Posterior CRP between spinous and transverse processes of T12-L1
  14. Bladder
    CRP at Periumbilical region
  15. Prostate
    CRP at anterior superior iliotibial band
  16. Frank Chapman
    Who discovered Chapman points?
  17. Chapman Point
    What represents th somatic manifestation of a visceral dysfunction?
  18. Tenderpoint
    This does not refer pain when pressed:
  19. Trigger Point
    This is a hypersensitive focus
  20. Trigger Point
    This represents the somatic manifestation of a vescero-somatic
  21. Trigger Points
    Spray and Stretch
  22. Lawrence Jones
    Who first introduced Tenderpoints?
  23. Tenderpoint
    These are small hypersensitive points in the myofascial tissues of the body used as diagnostic criteria and as a treatment monitor for counterstrain:
  24. Diagnosis
    What is the main use of Chapman points today?
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