Age of EUropean Crisis

  1. European Wars on Religions
    From the time of the reformation through the year 1517-1648, eventually turns into 30 years war, Helps Facilitate the Power of the state- concentration of powers inland of the state
  2. Huguenots
    French Calvinists(Protestants)
  3. Catherine de Medici
    1560, monarch that is in control in france, catholic- interest in someways in keeping the peace between catholic and protestant but becomes influence by the Guise family
  4. Guise Family
    Catholic Family, allied with Catherine, very radical and anti huguenot, influence Catherine leads to St. Bartholomew
  5. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
    Paris August 24th 1572, Wedding supposed to unite catholics and huguenots, symbol that france will recognize both religions. All nobility comes. The Guise family and CAtherine decide would be a great time to massacre them all- strike while they have the chance. The murdered Huguenot leaders- 3 days of muddier and mayhem. 3,000 Huguenots Dead (Elite) 10,000 across europe killed. Comes to symbolize European wars of religion
  6. 30 Years' War
    Catholic Emperor vs. Local Protestants- early 17th century-1618 to 1648, Begins with religious issues, and contest between local and centralized power- War between basically every european power. Spain- main ally of holy roman emperor. Turning point- one of the most brutal wars up until that point in history- ends in a stalemate
  7. "Ardor for Order"
    A Desire to set things right again, create order out of the chaos of early modern period
  8. Scold's Bridle
    Scolding is a crime, for females
  9. Habsburgs
    Royal Ruling Family during 30 years war
  10. Ferdinand the II

    Very catholic- heir to throne of roman holy empire- elevates conflict in the region
  11. Ducking Stool
    Strapped to stools and ducked in water in front of others
  12. Natalie Zemon Davis

    Prof at Princeton, 10 most famous historians alive today author of The return of Martin Geurre

  13. Microhistory

    Take a scandal, and study that event only. History with a microscope

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