Early Modern

  1. Absolutism
    Political model in early europe, 17th and 18th centuries in europe, France is the pinnacle state, political system in which an extraordinary concentration of power int he hands of the monarchy, 1660 though 1789 (french revolution
  2. Louise XIV
    (1643-1715)-Sun King, comes to power in 1643 but only 3, takes reigns around 1660, very conscious of kingly duties- Workaholic "One King One Law One Faith" Faith- Catholicism, Plotted to undermine the power of the nobility, Makes french nobility dependent on his goodwill patronage , Very conscious of how he dressed,
  3. Divine Right of Kings
    Kings get their power to rule from god, takes route throughout absolutism, "I am answerable only to god"
  4. Versailles
    Symbol of Absolutism. 1661 Louise starts building palace, spends years building it, an attempt to demonstrate power of his rule, young nobles granted certain privileges (help king dress in the morning), no sewer system, piles of excrement in corners
  5. Constitutional Monarchy
    Monarchy in which power is shared between the monarch and the people
  6. Parliament-
    Old medieval institution that hadn't had power for centuries- traditional , nobles would be members, 17th century nobles start to revive it to challenge the kings power
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