Midterm vocab 1

  1. circumspect
    careful; mindful of rules and consequences
  2. elucidate
    to make clear by explaining
  3. improvise
    to create without any forethought or preparation
  4. invidious
    hateful or spiteful
  5. lucid
    easy to understand; clear
  6. phosphorescent
    giving off light without heat
  7. photogenic
    attractive in pictures or photographs
  8. prospect
    that which is expected
  9. providential
    happening by good fortune
  10. specter
    a ghost or phantom
  11. translucent
    allowing light to pass through
  12. affable
    easy to converse with; friendly
  13. dictum
    a formal or authoritative statement
  14. edict
    an official order
  15. enunciate
    to pronounce or articulate
  16. indict
    to charge with a crime; accuse
  17. ineffable
    unutterable, indescribable
  18. infantile
    childish; immature
  19. invoke
    to call on for support
  20. pronouncement
    a declaration of opinion; judgement
  21. provocative
    causing disturbance or excitement
  22. renounce
    to reject by declaration
  23. revoke
    to make invalid; deactivate
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Midterm vocab 1
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