Music Review

  1. a cappella
    singing without instruments
  2. lute
    ancestor of the guitar
  3. sacred music
    music for religious purposes
  4. secular music
    music that is non-religious
  5. madrigal
    a poem set to music
  6. polyphony
    many sounds
  7. oratorio
    sacred music that contains singing with no dancing
  8. opera
    secular music that contains singing, instruments, dancing, and theatrical performing
  9. concerto grosso
    small musical ensemble
  10. homophony
    many of the same sounds
  11. crescendo
    when music gradually gets louder
  12. decrescendo
    when music gradually gets softer
  13. synthesizer
    an instrument that produces electronic sound
  14. dissonance
    when sounds clash or sound unpleasant
  15. improvisation
  16. fuge
    a style of music where different instruments play the same melody adding layers of sound
  17. Two composers from the Renaissance
    Prez and Gabriella
  18. Two composers from the Baroque
    Handle and Bach
  19. Two composers from the Classical
    Mozart and Haydn
  20. Two composers from the Romantic
    Verdi and Wagner
  21. Two composers from the Contemporary
    Orff and Britten
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