American History

  1. Who was a close friend of President Carter’s that also served in his administration, but was eventually asked to resign?
    Bert Lane
  2. During whose administration was the War Powers Act introduced?
    President Ford
  3. During whose administration did the Iran hostage crisis occur?
    President Carter

    • Which of the following politicians made a keynote address at the 1976 Democratic Convention?
    • Barbara Jordan
  4. Which President had a real appeal with blue-collar workers?
    President Carter
  5. Which of the following caused major political turmoil during the Carter Administration?
    Iran hostage crisis
  6. During whose administration did the nation endure a major gas shortage?
  7. Relinquishing the Panama Canal was thought to improve relations with
    Latin America.

    • _______ was a major peace agreement reached during the Carter Administration.
    • Camp David Accords
  8. Who brought attention to the energy crisis during the 1970s?
    President Carter
  9. After a lucrative career in Hollywood, who entered politics and was elected Governor of California in 1966?
    Ronald Reagan
  10. Which of the following was a powerful political coalition that formed during the 1980s?
    New Right
  11. Who served as Vice President under Reagan for two terms?
    George H. Bush
  12. Who was the Soviet leader that bonded with President Reagan?
    Mikhail Gobachev
  13. ______ boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
    Soviet Union and East Germany
  14. Which military leader was involved with the Iran-contra Affair?
    Lt. Colonel Oliver North

    • The Persian Gulf War began during his administration.
    • President Bush
  15. Under his administration, the Cold War officially ended.
    President Bush

    • Which President was successful in the oil industry before entering politics?
    • President Bush

    • Who was a Conservative judge who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President George H. Bush and endured controversial testimony due to a sexual harassment scandal?
    • Clarence Thomas
  16. Who introduced the Contract with America during the 1994 election campaign?
    Newt Gingrich
  17. Who served as the Governor of Texas prior to George W. Bush?
    Ann Richards
  18. The USA Patriot Act was introduced during which President’s Administration?
    President George W. Bush
  19. His administration was plagued by scandal and even a possible impeachment.
    President Clinton
  20. Aside from President Bill Clinton, who was also under investigation for the Whitewater Affair?
    Hillary Clinton
  21. Who served as President Clinton’s Vice President?
    Al Gore
  22. Who served as Vice President under George W. Bush?
    Dick Chaney
  23. Who served as a third party candidate during the 1992 Presidential election?
    H. Ross Perot
  24. Who served as the Mayor of New York during the 911 attackes?
    Rudolph Giuliani
  25. Who was the head of al-Qaeda and initiated the 911 attacks?
    Osama Bin Laden
  26. Which of the following was a senator from Kansas who also served in World War II?
    Robert Dole
  27. Who served as Secretary of Defense under George H. Bush?
    Dick Cheney
  28. _______ was connected to the Whitewater scandal.
    Hillary Clinton
  29. This group opposed the Nicaraguan guerillas in the 1980s.
  30. Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice?
    Sandra Day O’ Conner
  31. The Camp David Accords were issued under which administration?
  32. Who was the mayor who was praised for their leadership in New York following the 911 attacks?
    Rudolph Giuliani
  33. _______ was geared towards women and minorities and made up for past discrimination.
    Affirmative Action

    • ________ was proposed in 1987 and called for the United States and Soviet Union to destroy over 2,000 missiles in Europe.
    • INF
  34. _______ is a combination of high inflation and high unemployment.
  35. Under whose administration was the Medicare Act of 2003 introduced?
  36. Which of the following was the Democratic nominee in the 1984 Presidential election?
    Walter Mondale
  37. Which of the following was a series of agreements on European society made in 1975?
    Helsinki Accords
  38. Who was Israel’s Prime Minister that played a vital role in the Camp David Accords?
    Menachem Begin
  39. Oliver North was involved in which political scandal?
    Iran-contra Affair
  40. Which of the following was a Shiite Muslim religious leader from Iran?
    the Ayatollah Khomeini
  41. Who advocated supply-side economics?
  42. This President served two terms in office, escaped impeachment, and was plagued by investigations for misconduct.
    President Clinton
  43. _______ rose to attention during the investigation involving Clinton-Lewinsky affair.
    Ken Starr
  44. The Iraq’s invasion of this country led to the Persian Gulf War.
  45. During whose administration did the Berlin Wall fall?
    President Reagan
  46. _______ served as the Governor of Texas before making a bid for the Presidency.
    George W. Bush
  47. Who was the first black American and woman to address the Democratic National Convention?
    Barbra Jordan
  48. Who was the first female running mate for Vice President in the 1984 election?
    Geraldine Ferraro
  49. During whose administration did the Iran hostage crisis take place?
  50. Under whose administration did the Iran-contra Affair occur?
  51. Who was the former Governor of Massachusetts who received the Democratic nomination for President in 1988?
    Michael Dukakis
  52. The _______ are the group of Nicaraguans who took control of the government in 1979.
  53. _______ limits the President’s ability to deploy troops abroad.
    War Powers Act
  54. Which of the following terms means a period of slow business activity?
  55. ________ is the Islamic Fundamentalist organization responsible for the 911 attacks.
  56. Who was the Egyptian President who played a vital role in the Camp David Accords?
    Anwar el Sadat
  57. Who attempted to assassinate President Reagan?
    John Hinckley, Jr.

    • Who won a case regarding affirmative action in 1978?
    • Allan Bakke
  58. Which service member led coalition forces during the Persian Gulf War?
    General Norman Schwarzkopf
  59. Who served as somewhat of an advisor regarding health care reform to President Bill Clinton.
    Hillary Clinton
  60. Which of the following politicians graduated from Yale and Harvard before entering into politics?
    George W. Bush
  61. Which of the following terms refers to an elected official who is already in office?
  62. The _______ served as the framework for peace between Israel and Egypt.
    Camp David Accords
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