1. Renaissance
    1350-1550, During the Late Middle Ages a cultural rebirth, focused on individualism, secularism, optimism, and humanism which privileged education and the Classical world
  2. Humanism
    During the renaissance began in Italy, was a literary and intellectual movement that came about in the early 15th century
  3. Secularism
    During the Renaissance non religious world view, experiencing life day to day
  4. Optimism
    During the Renaissance how they looked at the world around them, claim they want to turn their back on the darkness of the black death, want a rebirth, create the better world that they want to be a part of
  5. Individualism
    During the Renaissance beleif of the individual, celebrate the individual, celebration of individual talent strengths and genius, idea of celebrity developing
  6. Quarrel de Femmes
    During the Renaissance through the early modern period, a literary and cultural debate about the status of women, by elite males, sometimes called "The Woman Question", asked if women should be educated, why they are inferior (nature,biology,divinity)
  7. Christine De Pisan
    During the Renaissance, In "The Book of the City of Ladies" argued that women's inferiority was cause by nurture not nature. She had to support her family, becomes the first professional writer in the midwest, goes to elite women for support
  8. Oligarchy
    Some Renaissance Italian city-states were these, republics controlled by a small group of elites
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