Skeletal & Muscular Systems

  1. The organization of life is this:
    Cell, tissue, organ and organ system
  2. The type of tissue that covers and protects underlying tissue is:
    Connective tissue
  3. The type of tissue that joins, supports, nourishes, and protects is this:
    Epithelial tissue
  4. The type of tisse that sends electrical signals in the body is this:
    Nervous tissue
  5. The type of tissue that contracts and relaxes for movement is this:
    Muscular tissue
  6. The maintenance of a stable, internal environment is:
  7. Made up of bones; supports and protects the body
    Skeletal system
  8. Four jobs of the skeletal system
    • Movement
    • Blood cell production
    • Support
    • Protection
  9. The hard tissue of the skeletal system that makes up the skeleton.
  10. The type of bone tissue that has many open spaces
    Spongy bone
  11. The type of bone tissue that does not have open spaces
    Compact bone
  12. The flexible, white tissue of the skeletal system.
  13. The tissue that is responsible for connecting bone to bone in joints
  14. The place where two or more bones connect
  15. Made up of muscles for the control and coordination of the body
    Muscular system
  16. The type of muscle that lines our digestive system and the blood vessels of the circulatory system
    Smooth muscle
  17. The type of muscle tissue that connects to our skeletal for movement
    Skeletal muscle
  18. The type of muscle that is found in the heart
    Cardiac tissue
  19. The tissue that connects skeletal muscle to the bones
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