Chemistry: (4)Atomic Theory

  1. What is the order of the scientists?
    • Democritus, Dalton, Goldstein, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, Millikan, Schrodinger, Chadwick
  2. What is a good way to remember the order of the scientists?
    • dogs do good things reverently because many squirrels come
  3. What did John Dalton do?
    studied ratios, came up with Daltons atomic theory
  4. What did Goldstein do?
    discovered protons, protons mass = 1/1840 electron's mass
  5. What did Thomson do?
    discovered electrons, Cathode Ray experiment
  6. What did Rutherford do?
    learned most of atom is just empty space, discovered nucleus, Gold Foil experiment
  7. What did Bohr do?
    new model of atom, electrons orbit around nucleus in set rings and ENERGY LEVELS
  8. What did Millikan do?
    • found quantity of charge carried by electrons
    • found ratio of charge to mass of electrons
    • found mass of electron (1/1840 mass of hydrogen atom)
  9. What did Schrodinger do?
    • used quantum theory (math) to find electron in hydrogen atom aka Quantum Mathematical Model.
    • doesn't define exact path of electrons
    • electron is found 90% of the time
    • "electron cloud"
  10. What did Chadwick do?
    • discovered neutrons
    • all subatomic particles were then found
  11. What does the Law of Definite Composition say?
    compounds always have the same elements in the same proportions
  12. What does the Law of Conservation of Mass say?
    Matter cannot be created or destroyed
  13. What does the Law of Multiple Proportions say?
    The same elements can make different compounds of amounts change
  14. What is another name for the Cathode Ray experiement?
    plum pudding
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