Cell Parts

  1. Nucleus
    Controls the cell.
  2. Nucleolus
    Makes ribosomes, maybe more than one in a cell, found in the nucleus.
  3. Chromosomes
    Determines what traits a living thing will have, passes information from parent to offspring
  4. Cell Membrane
    Gives the cell shape, holds the cytoplasm, and controls what moves into and out of the cell
  5. Cytoplasm
    most of the cell's chemical reactions take place there
  6. Vacuoles
    Liquid-filled, may store food, water, minerals, or wastes. In plants it takes up a lot of space. There maybe more than one.
  7. Mitochondria
    Golgi apparatus
    • Produce energy when food is broken down, often called the "powerhouse of the cell".
    • &
    • flat stacks, packages and transfers infomation from cell.
  8. Ribosomes
    Where proteins are made, and often connected to the endoplasmic reticulum
  9. Endoplasmic Reticulum
    The "transportation system" in the cell,connects the nuclear membrane with the cell
  10. Centrioles
    Found only in animal cells, is used in cell reproduction to help the chromosomes arrange before cell division.
  11. Cell Wall
    Found only in plant cells. Forms a thick outer covering outside the cell membrane, gives the plant support and shape.
  12. Chloroplasts
    Found only in plant cells. Found in the cytoplasm of green plant cells, contain chlorophyll, traps the energy from light, and is where photosynthesis takes place.
  13. Lysosomes
    digests food particles with enzymes, pinched of pieces of golgi apparatus
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