English vocab

  1. grimace
    distorted facial expression, to make ugly face
  2. holocaust
    vast slaughter, large scale destruction
  3. impervious
    not affected or hurt by, not admitted passage
  4. impetus
    moving force of impulse
  5. jeopardy
  6. meticulous
    extremely careful
  7. nostalgia
    longing for something past
  8. quintessence
    purest form or typical form of something
  9. retrogress
    to move backward
  10. scrutinize
    to examine closely
  11. adversary
    enemy or opponent
  12. alienate
    to make hostile or transfer
  13. artifice
    ingenious device or clever trick
  14. coerce
    compel or force
  15. craven
    cowardly or a coward
  16. culinary
    referring to the ktchen of cooking
  17. delete`
    to erase or wipe out
  18. demise
    death ot termination of something
  19. exhilarate
    to give spirit or liveliness to
  20. fallow
    reddish brown, inactive ; land unseeded ' to plow but not seed
  21. harass
    to disturb or trouble
  22. inclement
    stormy or harsh in attitude
  23. muse
    to think about in a thoughtful dreamy way
  24. negligible
    extremely unimportant
  25. perpetuate
    to make longlasting or permanent
  26. precedent
    example that may serve as basis for later action
  27. punitive
    inflicting or aiming at punishment
  28. redress
    set right or remedy, relief from wrong or injury
  29. sojourn
    temporary stay, or to stay for a short time
  30. urbane
    refined in manner or style
  31. helter-skelter
    in disorder or confusion
  32. insubordination
    disobedience to authority
  33. laconically
    with few words
  34. restive
  35. windfall
    unexpected sudden gain
  36. tepid
    lukewarm, marked by absence of interest
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