类比分类 总.csv

  1. bovine
    related to cows
  2. equine
    related to horses
  3. canine
    related to dogs
  4. feline
    related to cats
  5. amphibian
    animals that lives on both land and in water
  6. reptilian
    related to reptiles
  7. mammalian
    related to mammals
  8. aquatic
    growing or living in water
  9. nocturnal
    active in the night
  10. marsupial
    a mammal that carries its young in a pouch
  11. mongrel
    an animal or plant of mixed breed
  12. primate
    any of the highest order of mammals
  13. pachyderm
    a thick skinned animal
  14. stampede
    a sudden
  15. vermin
    small animals that are troublesome or destructive
  16. carnivore
    an animal that feeds chiefly on flesh
  17. herbivore
    an animal that feeds on grass or other plants
  18. omnivore
    an animal that feeds on both plants and flesh
  19. fauna
    all the animal life in a particular region or period
  20. mare
    a female horse or donkey especially when mature
  21. simian
    apelike or monkeylike
  22. elk
    a moose
  23. hound
    a dog used for hunting
  24. emu
    a large Australian long-legged flightless bird and is related to and resembling the ostrich and the cassowary
  25. ostrich
    a fast-running African flightless bird with two-toed feet; largest living bird
  26. penguin
    a short-legged flightless bird of cold southern especially Antarctic regions having webbed feet and wings modified as flippers
  27. drove
    a group of animals of one kind moving together especially sheep
  28. pounce
    to jump suddenly and seize something
  29. prowl
    to secretly and slowly hunt for something to eat or steal
  30. stalk
    to follow quietly and secretly
  31. soar
    to fly at a great height; to increase rapidly
  32. trot
    of a horse to move in a manner faster than a walk but slower than a canter or gallop
  33. canter
    a gentle gallop; of a horse to move faster than a trot but slower a gallop
  34. gallop
    of a horse to move at the fastest pace
  35. fodder
    coarse food for horses
  36. forage
    animal food for browsing or grazing; to search for food
  37. saddle
    a seat for a rider on a horse's back
  38. bridle
    a head harness for guiding a horse
  39. bristle
    a short
  40. down
  41. lanugo
    a covering of fine
  42. scale
  43. fin
    one of the winglike or paddlelike parts of a fish
  44. gill
    one of the openings on the side of a fish's head through which it breathes
  45. flipper
    a wide flat limb of seals
  46. fang
    the long pointed tooth of a poisonous snake through which poison is injected; the canine tooth of a meat-eating mammal
  47. talon
    the claw of an animal especially a bird of prey
  48. antler
  49. venison
    the flesh of a deer
  50. veal
    the flesh of a young calf
  51. ethos
    basic character or the fundamental beliefs of a person
  52. code
    set of fundamental principle
  53. podiatry
    the study and treatment of ailments of the human foot
  54. pediatrics
    the branch of medicine dealing with children
  55. pharmacy
    profession of preparing and dispensing drugs and medication
  56. anthropology
    the science of man
  57. archaeology
    the scientific study of the people
  58. astrology
    the study of the stars
  59. astronomy
    the science of the sun
  60. biology
    the science of living things
  61. botany
    the science and study of plants and plant life
  62. cardiology
    the study of the heart
  63. cartography
    the making or study of maps or charts
  64. entomology
    branch of zoology that deals with insects
  65. etymology
    the study dealing with the origin and history of words
  66. genealogy
    study of the history and origin of family
  67. geography
    the study of the earth's surface
  68. geology
    the science that deals with the earth's crust
  69. ideology
    a system of social or political ideas
  70. meteorology
    the science dealing with the atmosphere and the weather
  71. oceanography
    the branch of physical geography dealing with oceans
  72. optometry
    profession of examining the eyes
  73. ornithology
    the study of birds
  74. paleontology
    the science of the forms of life existing in prehistoric times
  75. pathology
    the branch of medicine that deals with the nature of disease
  76. philology
    the study of language
  77. philosophy
    the study of the truth or principles if all real knowledge
  78. physiology
    the science dealing with the normal functions of living things or their parts
  79. psychology
    the science of the mind
  80. seismology
    the scientific study of earthquakes
  81. sociology
    the study of the nature
  82. tautology
    needless repetition of the same sense in different word
  83. taxonomy
    the branch of science dealing with classification
  84. theology
    the study of religion
  85. topography
    the science of making an accurate and detailed description or drawing of places or their surface features
  86. zoology
    the science and study of animals and animal life
  87. limerick
    humorous poem
  88. prose
    ordinary speech or writing with out metrical structure
  89. serenade
    music given to honor or express love for someone
  90. medley
    musical arrangement of several melodies
  91. lullaby
    song used to soothe a child to sleep
  92. elegy
    a sad song or poem to lament the dead
  93. refrain
    phrase or verse repeated at intervals throughout a song or poem
  94. requiem
    a mass for a deceased person; a hymn
  95. sonnet
    a 14 line poetic verse form with a fixed rhyme pattern
  96. syntax
    way in which words and other elements are arranged to form
  97. alliteration
    poetic device using two or more words with the same first consonant sounds
  98. sonata
    instrumental musical composition consisting of several movements
  99. incantation
    magical use of words
  100. decibel
    unit of measuring sound
  101. postscript
    end of letter
  102. anthology
    collection of literary pieces
  103. preamble
    a preliminary statement
  104. score
    a written copy of a document
  105. epilogue
    section that appears at the end of a book
  106. footnote
    a note of comment or reference at the bottom of a page of a book
  107. onomatopoeia
    use of words that imitate sounds associated with objects
  108. malapropism
    a ludicrous misuse of words that sound alike
  109. epistle
    a formal letter
  110. libretto
    the text of a dramatic musical work
  111. aria
    a solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment
  112. ode
    a lyric poem
  113. movement
    a principal division of a symphony
  114. tome
    a very thick book
  115. foreword
    a preface or introductory note in a book
  116. cant
    insincere speech
  117. anecdote
    a short account of a humorous or revealing incident
  118. aphorism
    a brief
  119. abstract
  120. farce
    broad satirical comedy
  121. burlesque
    a ludicrous
  122. interlude
    intermission of a performance
  123. prelude
    an introductory performance
  124. cadence
    rhythm; the rise and fall of sounds
  125. caricature
    a portrait or description that is purposely distorted or exaggerated
  126. chronicle
    a record of events in order of time
  127. axiom
    a self evident truth; a widely accepted saying
  128. almanac
    a yearly calendar with detailed information on matters like anniversaries and phases of the moon n. 历书
  129. thesaurus
    a book containing lists of synonyms and related words n. 辞典
  130. glossary
    an alphabetical list of technical or specialist words in a book
  131. perennial
    lasting through the whole year
  132. flurry
    a light fall of rain or snow
  133. hillock
    a small hill
  134. irrigate
    to supply land with water
  135. clod
    earth; soil
  136. archipelago
    a group of many islands
  137. arboreal
    living in or among trees
  138. conflagration
    a big and destructive fire
  139. deluge
    a great flood
  140. nursery
    a piece of ground where young trees are raised for sale
  141. agrarian
    having to do with farming land
  142. arable
    suitable for producing crops which require plowing
  143. flora
    flowers of a particular region or time
  144. fallow
    plowed but not seeded for a season or two
  145. foliage
    the leaves of a plant
  146. quagmire
  147. subterranean
    beneath the earth's surface
  148. zephyr
    any soft
  149. verdant
    covered with green plants
  150. stellar
    coming from or having to do with stars
  151. aqueduct
    an artificial channel of large pipe for bringing water from a distance
  152. torrid
    very hot
  153. thicket
    group of shrubs
  154. glade
    an open space surrounded by woods
  155. constellation
    a named group of stars; a group of people or things
  156. galaxy
    a very large group of stars; a large group of famous
  157. gravel
    a mixture of rock fragments and pebbles that is coarser than sand
  158. pebble
    a small smooth rounded stone
  159. boulder
    a large smooth rounded mass of rock shaped by erosion
  160. igneous
    relating to rocks or minerals formed by the cooling and hardening of magma or molten
  161. shale
    a flaky sedimentary rock formed by compression of successive layers of clay
  162. lava
    molten rock discharged by volcanoes
  163. graphite
    a soft black form of carbon used in pencils and in some nuclear reactors
  164. lime
    the white substance left after heating limestone
  165. cement
    a fine grey powder made of limestone and clay
  166. granite
    a very hard rock consisting of quartz and feldspars that is widely used for building
  167. marble
    a hard limestone rock
  168. jade
    an ornamental semiprecious stone
  169. gem
    a precious stone used for decoration
  170. diamond
    a very hard
  171. adamant
    very hard native crystalline carbon precious stone; determined or insistent
  172. rhinestone
    a colorless artificial diamond made of glass
  173. ruby
    a deep red transparent precious stone
  174. emerald
    a green transparent precious stone
  175. amber
    a yellow translucent fossilized resin
  176. topaz
    a hard glassy yellow
  177. sapphire
    a transparent blue precious stone
  178. amethyst
    a purple or violet transparent precious stone
  179. opal
    a milky white or blue-white precious stone with shimmering changing reflections
  180. turquoise
    a greenish-blue precious stone
  181. the tool used by surgeon
  182. the tool used by barber
  183. the tool used by dentist
  184. the tool used by potter
  185. the tool used by carpenter
  186. the tool used by butcher
    cleaver ( cleave= cut/ split )
  187. the tool used by artist
    brush/ palette
  188. the tool used by cobbler
  189. the product made by potter
  190. the product made by cobbler
  191. the product made by cartographer
  192. the product made by choreographer
  193. the product made by composer
  194. poem
    is made up of stanzas
  195. play
    is made up of scenes / acts
  196. symphony
    is made up of movements
  197. musical scale
    is made up of notes
  198. glacier
    is made up of ice
  199. deck/pack
    is made up of card
  200. galaxy
    is made up of stars
  201. lexicon
    is made up of words
  202. anthology
    is made up of works
  203. congregation
    is made up of worshipper
  204. orchestra
    is made up of musicians
  205. molecule
    is made up of atoms
  206. cast
    is made up of actors
  207. medley
    is made up of songs
  208. collage
    is made up of pictures
  209. mosaic
    is made up of tiles
  210. tapestry
    is made up of threads
  211. ladder
    is made up of steps
  212. chain
    is made up of links
  213. fathom
    a unit of depth
  214. lumen
    a unit of brightness
  215. decibel
    a unit of volume
  216. liter/gallon/quart /pint
    a unit of volume
  217. pound
    a unit of weight
  218. gram
    a unit of mass
  219. carat
    a unit of diamond
  220. calories
    a unit of heat
  221. caterpillar
    a young moth or butterfly
  222. cub
    a young fox/bear/wolf/lion
  223. joey
    a young kangaroo
  224. tadpole/ pollywog
    a young frog
  225. piglet
    a young pig
  226. cygnet
    a young swan
  227. sapling
    a young tree
  228. school
    a group of fish
  229. flock
    a group of birds/sheep
  230. gaggle
    a group of geese
  231. pack
    a group of wolves
  232. pride
    a group of lions
  233. swarm
    a group of bees/insects/ wasps/ bumblebee
  234. colony
    a group of ants
  235. herd
    a group of pigs / horses / cows/ sheep
  236. stampede
    a group of frightened animals (horses or cattle)
  237. croak
    the name given to the sound made by a frog or a crow
  238. quack
    the name given to the sound made by a duck
  239. moo/low
    the name given to the sound made by a cow or bull
  240. whinny
    the name given to the sound made by a horse
  241. meow
    the name given to the sound made by a cat
  242. bark/yelp
    the name given to the sound made by a dog
  243. bray
    the name given to the sound made by a donkey
  244. bleat
    the name given to the sound made by a sheep
  245. 巫师:女巫
    warlock:witch /sorcerer:sorceress /enchanter:enchantress
  246. 家长,元老:女家长,女元老
  247. 公牛:母牛:小牛
    bull: cow: calf
  248. 公绵羊:母绵羊:小绵羊
    ram: ewe: lamb
  249. 公山羊: 母山羊: 小山羊
    he-goat/buck: she-goat: goatling/ kid
  250. 公马:母马:小马
    stallion: mare: pony/foal/colt
  251. 公鹿: 母鹿:小鹿
    stag/buck: doe: fawn
  252. 公猪:母猪:小猪
    boar: sow: piglet
  253. 公兔: 母兔: 小兔子
    buck: doe: bunny
  254. 公天鹅:母天鹅:小天鹅
    cob: pen: cygnet
  255. 雄鹅: 母鹅: 小鹅
    gander: goose: gosling
  256. 公鸡: 母鸡: 小鸡
    Rooster/cock: hen: chick/chicken
  257. 公鸭: 母鸭: 小鸭子
    drake: duck: duckling
  258. the place for volleyball/basketball/tennis
  259. the place for bowling
    alley / lane
  260. the place for baseball
    diamond/ field/ ball park
  261. the place for hockey
  262. the place for golf
  263. coop
    a cage or enclosure for poultry or small animals笼子;鸡笼
  264. hutch
    a box or cage for small animals such as rabbits (饲养小动物的)笼,箱
  265. den
    the home of a wild animal; lair 兽穴,兽窟
  266. lair
    the resting place of a wild animal兽穴,兽巢
  267. kennel
    a house for a dog or dogs狗舍
  268. stable
    a house for a horse or horses马棚,牛棚
  269. hive
    a house or box for bees to live in蜂房
  270. aviary
    an enclosure or a large cage for keeping birds鸟类饲养场
  271. apiary
    a place for keeping a number of beehives养蜂场
  272. corral
    an enclosure for cattle or horses 畜栏
  273. terrarium
    an enclosure for keeping small land animals陆地动物饲养所
  274. aquarium
    a tank
  275. nursery
    a place that helps grow plants or raise animals饲养场,苗圃
  276. bark
    the outer covering of tree
  277. peel/ rind
    the outer covering of fruit
  278. husk
    the outer covering of corn
  279. pod
    the outer covering of pea
  280. crust
    the outer covering of bread
  281. shell
    the outer covering of nut/shellfish/egg
  282. shuck
    the outer covering of shellfish /oyster
  283. skin/ hide
    the outer covering of animal
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