1. Recruit troopers are not to be placed on the midnight shift until they have completed how long of service on the road?

    A. 6 months after FTO
  2. Requests of leave of 40 continuous hours or more should be made at least ____ days in advance? FHP Policy 5.04.07 H3

    C. 60 days
  3. Involuntary transfers will not be used for disciplinary purposes.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  4. Members shall report any change of address or telephone number in writing to their immediate supervisor, the Troop Cdr, and the duty station to which they are assigned within ___ hours after the change takes place.

    B. 48 hours
  5. Leaving the scene of a crash with injuries is what level of crime? (316.027)

    D. F3
  6. How long is a DUI Suspension for a first refusal?

    A. 1 year
  7. When driving, a 17 year old needs to be accompanied by someone 21 years of age or older between what hours?

    D. 1a-5a
  8. First Suspension for Persons Under the Age of 21 With An Alcohol Level .02 or above:

    D. 6 months
  9. Members may carry a rifle, however before they may do they are required:

    C. complete training, qualify, and qualify annually
  10. Rifles must meet certain specifications:
    • AR series
    • .223 caliber
    • semi-automatic
    • not capable of being fully automatic
    • minimum barrel length of 11.5" to max of 21" (not including flash suprressor)
    • must be manufactured assembled (no departure from factory specifications)
    • high quality, low power scopes or sights may be used as long as they maintain their zero for combat use.
    • magazines min of 20 rounds, max of 30
    • must have 1 pt or 3pt sling
    • mounted lights manufactured specifically for mounting on rifle and rifle equipped with mounting bracket
  11. Who assumes the responsibility for investigating the loss/theft of Division owned firearms?

    B. BCII
  12. If member discovers that a Division owned firearm has been lost or stolen the member will immediately report the incident to:

    D. troop commander via COC
  13. The HSMV Golden Attitude Award pin may be worn where?

    C. right pocket flap immediately below the nameplate
  14. All checks and cash received through public records requested are to be deposited in the:

    B. State Demand Account (maintained by State Treasury)
  15. TSDR data is to be transmitted to server how often?

    A. daily prior to end of shift
  16. How often do reports involving cases in which the Rapid ID Device played in intergral part in making an arrest should be forwarded up through the chain of command (and who to)?

    A. monthly to Chief of BOI (BCII)
  17. You must execute a warrant within ___ days.

    B. 10
  18. Reimbursement vouchers for airline or rental car agreements will be submitted to the ________________ within ______ days after completion of travel.

    D. Accounts Payable, 5 working
  19. Class C meal reimbursement vouchers will be submitted within ______ working days following the weekly/monthly period claimed.

    A. 5
  20. Which members are eligble to apply for travel advances?

    D. all members
  21. All travel advances must be approved by ______ or their designee?

    C. Division Director
  22. Members of FHP who appear as official witnesses to testify will be entitled to retain the daily witness fees for any appearances occurring entirely or in part outside their regular scheduled duty shift, exclusive of the mileage allowance, even if they receive compensatory time or overtime pay.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  23. (FHP) If a court appearance occurs completely within regularly scheduled shifts, what do they do with the witness fees received?

    D. return any witness fees to the department
  24. When is it ok to go left of center in a no passing zone?

    • D. both a and c
    • to make a left turn or to avoid an obstruction
  25. “High-occupancy-vehicle lane” or “HOV lane” means a lane of a public roadway designated for use by vehicles in which there is more than one occupant unless otherwise authorized by:

    D. federal law
  26. Class A travel is for a period of how long?

    A. 24 hours or more
  27. Class B travel is for a period of how long?

    D. less than 24 hours, but requires overnight absence from official headquarters
  28. Class C travel time period?
    Class C travel is for short or day trips where the traveler is not away from their official headquarters overnight
  29. Class C reimbursement is contingent upon?
    annual Legislative approval
  30. What is the subsistence allowance for meals schedule for Class C travel?
    • Breakfast - before 6am and extends beyond 8am - $6
    • Lunch - before noon and extends beyond 2pm - $11
    • Dinner - before 6pm and extends beyond 8pm - $19
    • (dinner times also could be when travel occurs during the nightime hours due to special assignment)
  31. When is Class C travel allowed for normal duty assignments?
    when normal duty assignements require employee to be in a city or town 100 miles or more from his/her official headquarters during normal meal hours
  32. When can P-cards be canceled?
    • a change in cardholders job status
    • transfer within the department
    • separation from the department
    • cardholder misuse or untimely processing of transactions
  33. Can charges be billed to the P-Card before the items are received?
  34. Purchases not allowed on p-card include:
    • fuel
    • cash advances
    • towing for state owned vehicles
    • vehicle repair and parts
    • computer hardware or software
    • newspaper advertisements
    • etc
  35. P-Card can be used for following purchases:
    • travel
    • towing for non-state vehicles
    • Aircraft repairs and parts
    • urgent office repairs
    • emergency purchase of commodities/services when access to MyFloridaMarketPlace is not reasonable
    • Stamps
    • Peridicals, Books, manuals, etc
    • Print shop supplies (authorized by print shop supervisor or Chief of Bureau of Office Servuces on individual items less than $250
    • Building or office cleaning and maintenance supplies, building repair supplies or tools.
  36. Spending limits on standard user P-card:
    $2500 per transaction, $5000 a day ($10,000 for Bureau Chiefs, Trooper Cdrs, and above), $10,000 per billing cycle, and $10,000 per month
  37. Misuse of the P-Card will result in:
    disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment
  38. Can a P-Card holder receive a cash payment for returned merchandise?
    No, and if attempt to do so, they are subject to disciplinary action
  39. Receipt copies for charges applied to the State Purchasing Card for airline tickets and registration should be sent how to Accounts Payable Section when?
    At time of purchase via email, fax, or hand delivery
  40. Commercial airline tickets may be purchased using the:

    A. P-Card or cash
  41. Insurance offered on rental agreement?
    • Collision damage waiver is included in the contract for Class A, B, C, E, and V vehicles
    • Additional charges for these vehicles classes should be REFUSED
    • (andy other class of vehicle rented, must have this coverage included at state's expense)
  42. A parent, legal guardian, or other person responsible for a child younger than 6 years of age may not leave such child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle:
    • a) For a period in excess of 15 minutes;
    • (b) For any period of time if the motor of the vehicle is running or the health of the child is in danger.
  43. Whenever any person, after applying for or receiving a driver’s license, changes his or her legal name or changes the residence or mailing address in the application or license , that person must within ___ days thereafter obtain a replacement license that reflects the change.
  44. Specific portions from written directives from which no deviation is permitted is best defined as _____________.(FHP 1.01)

    B. Regulations
  45. Assistance provided to state and local agencies during riots, insurrections or natural disasters, shall be supplied in accordance with the following plan: ___________ (FHP 2.01)

    D. Florida Mutual Aid
  46. Members of the patrol occupying command or specialty duty positions will devote a minimum of ____ of their duty hours to patrol related duties. (FHP 2.01)

    D. 10%
  47. The ________ approves all procedures and forms used to select applicants to fill vacant positions. (DHSMV 35)

    A. Chief, Personnel Services
  48. Applicants whose total score is within ____ of the highest scoring applicant, who meet the specified job related knowledge, skills and abilities, may be recommended for hire. (DHSMV 35)

    A. 10 points
  49. Upon resignation or termination, a member's identification card will be relinquished to their ________. (FHP 7.06)

    B. supervisor
  50. Any person __ years of age or older may be issued an identification card upon completion of an application and payment of the application fee. (FS 322.051)

    A. 5
  51. All of the following are statutory exemptions relating to law enforcement and security records EXCEPT for: (DHSMV 9.03)

    D. confessions after the case is completed
  52. A forcible felony does NOT include which of the following? (FS 776.08)

    B. Grand theft
  53. The FHP Training Policy requires all personnel who have been assigned to serve as an instructor to submit lesson plans to the Chief Training Officer __ days prior to the scheduled training session. (FHP 26.01)

    C. 30
  54. Can a subject withdraw consent to search?
    Yes, and if do so, must stop searching.
  55. What kind of purchase is ok on a P-Card?

    A. Towing
  56. Domestic Violence packets must be turned in to ________ within 24 hours.

    A. the nearest local certified domestic violence center
  57. Family or household member is defined as all the below except:

    B. neighbors
  58. True or False:
    Incidents of domestic violence encountered by a member engaged in routine enforcement and investigative activities will be investigated by the member.
    • True
    • FHP Policy 22.09.07
  59. What shall a Domestic Violence Report contain?

    E. All of the Above
  60. True or False: A member may arrest a person without a warrant when there is probable cause to believe that the person has committed an act of domestic violence or for violation of an injunction for protection.
  61. All of the following are values of the Florida Highway Patrol, except:

    A. Patrol
  62. Members shall obey any order given to them by a superior. FHP Policy 3.03
    a. True
    b. False
    b. False

    (not if it would require them to commit any illegal act)
  63. Members who are given an otherwise proper order which is in conflict with a previous order, rule, regulation or directive will:

    C. inform the supervisor who gave order of the conflict
  64. If a member is unable to report for duty as required they are required to report their inability to do so by notifying their supervisor (or another supervisor) when:

    C. 2 hours prior to shift
  65. What should a member do if they are unable to remain awake on duty?

    A. notify supervisor
  66. Members will not permit their identification cards or badges to be photographed or reproduced without the approval of?

    D. Director
  67. Members shall carry identification cards on their person at all times (and their badge when carrying a weapon) except when impractical or dangerous.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  68. Conduct that can result in disciplinary action include all but one of the following:

    C. recommend a towing company in a personal business transaction
  69. In the 3rd District, in relation to seizures/forfeitures, the issue of an "innocent owner" must be addressed at the Adversarial Preliminary Hearing.
  70. In the 1st DCA case, DHSMV vs KARR, what was determined as far as what is required at the Adversarial Preliminary Hearing?
    agency must show probable cause to believe that the seized property was used in violation of the Act AND must also make a preliminary showing of a basis for belief that the owner knew, or should have known after a reasonable inquiry, that the property was being employed or was likely to be employed in criminal activity.
  71. Florida vs Powell, 02/23/10, US Supreme Court
    Miranda does not dictate the exact words to be used by LEO, but requires suspect be advised he has right to the presence of an attorney prior to questioning and that he also be advised that he could consult with an attorney while an interrofation is taking place, ie, not only at the outset of interrogation but at all times.
  72. For a Miranda warning is it ok to say, "You have the right to talk to a lawyer before answering any of our question" and "you have the right to use any of these rights at any time you want during this interview" (instead of saying you have the right to consult with a lawyer "during" questioning)?
    Yes or no
    Yes, it is ok to say Miranda different way, as long as you advise them they can ask for attorney at any time
  73. If a suspect sits silently during a long interogation session, this is enough to invoke a right to silence. True or False
    • False, if a suspect does not want to talk to police, he MUST say so, with a clear statement
    • Berghuis v Thompkins
  74. Leadership: What is the process of making an attribution about a person based on how the person performs a given task, as compared to how he has performed a range of different tasks in the past.

    A. Distinctiveness
  75. Under 322.62  What happens to a CMV driver that is suspected of DUI? (none of which is superseded by 316.193)

    D.   All of the above
  76. Trooper Hinton is the squad comedian, always wanting attention and to get a rise out of Sergeant Overstreet at squad meetings.  Since Sergeant Overstreet is the focal leader for the group he tries a new strategy on Trooper Hinton.  As we read (or will read) under the Operant Conditioning, if Sergeant Overstreet refuses to respond to the disruptiveness of Trooper Hinton, his behavior would more than likely stop.  This is known as:

    C. Extinction Function
  77. Flammable liquid is described in 316 as any liquid which has a flash point of ____ degrees Fahrenheit or less, as determined by a Tagliabue or equivalent closed-cup test device.

    B. 70
  78. What fees for copies of public records shall be charged and collected for a crash report?

    A. $10
  79. The total number of members of the Auxiliary to the Florida Highway Patrol shall be limited to ___ times the total number of regularly employed highway patrol officers authorized by law.

    A. 5
  80. What is the minimum unladen weight of a Tri-Vehicle?

    A. 900
  81. Lesson 9 of the Leadership Book: What type of follower is considered "like festering wounds in their organization", when in their minds they think of themselves as "mavericks who think for themselves" or as "being the true conscience of the organization"?

    B. Alienated followers
  82. FS: 316.027(4)--A person whose commission of a noncriminal traffic infraction or any violation of 316 or s 1006.66 causes or results in the death of another person may, in addition to any other civil, criminal, or administrative penalty imposed, be required by the court to serve ___ community service hours in a trauma center or hospital that regularly receives victims of vehicle accidents.

    A. 120
  83. FS 39.041: After a LEO delivers a child to an authorized agent of the department, how many days does that law enforcement officer, who took a child into custody that involved allegations of abandonment, abuse, or neglect, have to make a full written report to the department?

    C. 3
  84. Policy 8.04  All active an inactive grievances will be reviewed by the Office of Employee Relations when?

    B. Annually
  85. IACP:  What is the most important concept in group dynamics?

    D. Cohesion
  86. FS 316.152:  No vehicle shall be turned so as to proceed in the opposite directionon any curve, or on the approach to, or near, the crest of a grade, where such vehicle cannot be seen by the driver of any other vehicle approaching from either direction within how many feet?

    A. 500
  87. FHP Policy 5.05:  Any employee who becomes the subject of a domestic violence restraining order or injuction shall notify his/her:

    A. Troop Commander
  88. FHP Police 10.02:  Members will inspect all weapons assigned to or carried by them for residue, corrosion, or deterioration and will keep them clean and in good operating conditions at all times.  How often will a member inspect the weapons?

    A. Weekly
  89. FS 316....Traffic crash reports that reveal personal information are confidential and exempt from s 119.07(1) and s 24(a), Art I of the State Constitution for a period of how many days after the date that the report is filed?

    A. 60
  90. 790.001...An antique firearm means any firearm manufactured in or before what year?

    D. 1918
  91. IACP Lesson 18:  Bases of Social Power Theory: Body of thought developed by John R.P. French and Bertram Raven in 1959.  They identified 5 bases of social power.  This theory is based on the premise that power and influence involve relations between at least two parties.  Which of the following is NOT part of the five bases of social power?

    D. Ability
  92. According to F.S. 790.02... The carrying of a concealed weapon is declared a breach of peace, and any officer authorized to make arrests under the laws of this state may make arrests without warrant of persons violated the provisions of s. 790.01 when said officer has reasonable grounds or ____________ to believe that the offense of carrying a concealed weapon is being committed.

    C. Probable Cause
  93. Legal Bulletins...The court held that Edwards v. Arizona , 451 U.S. 477 (1981), prohibition against interrogating a suspect who has invoked his Fifth Amendment right to counsel terminates when the suspect has been released from custody and ___ days have elasped since the release?

    B. 14
  94. F.S. 790.015...Any occupant of any vehicle who knowingly and willfully discharges any firearm from the vehicle, within ___ feet of any person commits a felony of the second degree.

    C. 1000
  95. F.S. 790.054... A person who knowingly and willfully uses a self-defense chemical spray, a nonlethal stun gun or other nonlethal electric weapon or device, or a dart-firing stun gun against a law enforcement officer engaged in the performance of his or her duties commits:

    B. 3rd degree felony
  96. FS 933.05...  No search warrant shall be issued in blank, and any such warrant shall be returned within ___ days after issuance thereof?

    A. 10
  97. FS 901.21... When a lawful arrest is effected, a peace officer may search the person arrested and the area within the person's immediate presence for the purpose of:

    D. All of the above
  98. FS 741.283... If a person is adjudicated guilty of a crime of domestic violence and the person has intentionally caused bodily harm to another person, the court shall order the person to serve a minimum of how many days in county jail as part of the sentence imposed:

    C. 5
  99. FS 784.046... "Repeat Violence" means __ incidents of violence or stalking committed  by the respondent, one of which must have been within __ months of the filing of the petition, which are directed against the petitioner or the petitioner's immediate family.

    C. 2/6
  100. According to FHP Policy Chapter 11.02, what are emergency conditions that will allow a warrantless search. 
    Examples include the prevention of desctruction of evidence of a crime, the fresh pursuit of a criminal suspect, or when the life, health, or property of the public is in jeopardy.

    C. Exigent circumstances
  101. FHP Policy:  Any member who in any manner gives, receives, obtains, or uses any information in a fraudulent manner prior to or during competitive examinations, or who cheats in any manner before or during the competitive examinations, shall be immediatley disqualified by theh Administrator or a designated representative.  Said member may appeal the disqualification to the Director in writing within what amount of time?

    C. 72 hours
  102. FS 316.2025...No driver of any vehicle other than an authorized emergency vehicle on official business shall follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than __ feet or drive into or park such vehicle within the block where fire apparatus has stopped in answer to a fire alarm.

    D. 500
  103. DHSMV policy....Supervisors will not complete and/or submit timesheets for members.  Exeptions to this requirement will occure only in certain extraordinary situations, such as a member who is injured or becomes ill, and is physically unable to complete their timesheet.  In those situations, supervisors must receive PRIOR authorization from who:

    A. Chief or Assistant Chief of Personnel Services
  104. DHSMV 5.07...A grievance must be filed by the member and received by the immediate supervisor within __ calendar days following the occurrence of the event giving rise to the grievance.

    A. 14
  105. DHSMV Manual 3.08...WHO is designated as the DHSMV Chief Ethics Officer for the agency?

    D. General Counsel
  106. FHP Policy.  Special comp leave shall be taken with the mutual agreement of the member and the supervisor within how many calendar days of the holiday?

    A. 60
  107. FS 812.014 (4c) What of the following is NOT grand theft of the third degree and a felony of the third degree, if property stolen is:

    B. Any amount of citrus fruit consisting of 1,000 or more individual pieces of fruit
  108. Under the hireback policy, copies of all reports shall be retained at troop headquarters for a minimum of __ years after the completion of a project.

    D. 3
  109. FHP Policy:  Special comp leave shall be taken with the mutual agreement of the member and the supervisor within how many calendar days of the holiday?

    A. 60
  110. Administrative leave of what may be granted to participate in the DHSMV Mentoring Initiative including the following school or community programs: mentoring, tutoring, guest speaking, volunteering and participating in an established school district mentoring program, participating in community service programs that meet child, elder, or human needs.

    A. One hour per week, not to exceed five hours per calendar month
  111. Continuous travel of less than 24 hours that involved overnight absence from official headquarters is what type of travel?
    a. Class C
    b. Class B
    c. Class A
    d. None of the above
    b. Class B
  112. Leadership in Police Organizations:  According to psychologists, which of the following is not one of three rational factors of the Attribution Theory?

    A. Individuality
  113. In-service ethics training shall be provided to all employees at least ________.

    A. Bi-annually
  114. Who administers the Oath of Office for re-hires?

    B. Troop Commander
  115. FS 322.18(2a): An applicant who has not attained 80 years of age applying for an original issuance shall be issued a driver's license that expires at midnight on the licensee's birthday which next occurs on the __ anniversary of the date of issue.

    B. 8th
  116. Which of the following tactics cannot result in an effective leader strategy?

    D. Leaders should not routinely try to discern their employees' perceptions of fairness.
  117. Which of the following is not a forcible felony?

    D. Assault
  118. Passing
    200 feet of approaching traffic
  119. Passing bicycle
    3 feet
  120. Left of center
    100 feet of intersection/rr x-ing/bridge/viaduct/tunnel
  121. Following
    CMVs 300 ft
  122. Turning
    500ft on curve or grade
  123. Signal
    100ft prior to turn
  124. Signal lamps required (over arms)
    • 24" from post to left side
    • 14" from post to rear
  125. Railroad crossings
    within 50ft but not closer than 15ft
  126. Heavy equipment over RR
    notice required if less than 9", less than 10mph
  127. Stop of school bus
    not required if median is 5ft wide or more
  128. School bus shall stop where visibility is less than _____ feet
  129. School zone reflective vests must be visible from _____ feet
  130. Parking:
    • - clear view of 200 feet  
    • - within 30 feet of curb (safety zone and curb)               
    • - 15 feet of fire hydrant               
    • - 20 feet of crosswalk               
    • - 30 feet of tcd               
    • - within 50 feet of railroad tracks
  131. Fire apparatus
  132. Bicycle headlamp
  133. Bicycle taillight/reflector
  134. Bicycle - must stop within ___ feet
    25, 10mph
  135. Mirrors
    reflections of 200'
  136. Flares
    visible from 600'
  137. License plates
    • visible from 100'
    • 50' by tag light
    • 12"-60" high
    • within 24" of center of vehicle
  138. Daytime
    1/2 before sunrise, 1/2 after sunset
  139. Bicycle (defined)
    less than 20mph, under 16yo can't ride motorized bicycle, seat height not less than 25 inches
  140. Bus defined
    carries more than 10 passengers
  141. CMV (defined)
    10,000lbs or more , transports 15 pass or more including driver, or transports HAZMAT
  142. Migrant farm worker vehicle (defined)
    transports 9 migrant farm workers in addition to driver
  143. Moped (defined)
    with seat and pedals, 2 brake horsepower, not more than 30mph or 50cc's
  144. Motor scooter (defined)
    no seat, not more than 30mph
  145. Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Device (defined)
    Segway, not more than 20mph, not a vehicle
  146. Residential Speeds
    30mph (can be 20 or 25 on local roads if reasonable)
  147. Business Speeds
    30 mph
  148. All other areas (not residential or business) speeds
  149. Minimum speed on interstate
    • 40mph minimum on interstate 
    • 50mph minimum if speed limit is 70mph
  150. School bus max speed
  151. Limited access highway max speed
  152. Speed - highway outside urban area (5000+) and 4 lanes
    65mph max
  153. Other DOT roadways - max speed
  154. Municipality max speed
    • 30mph (down to 20 to 25 if reasonable)
    •      Cannot raise to more than 60
  155. County max speeds
    • 30mph (down to 25 if reasonable)
    •       Cannot raise to more than 60mph
  156. School zone minimum speed
    • 15mph - 20mph max
    • (30 min before-during-30min after)
  157. True or False:
    Failure to honor a subpoena for Rapid ID use should be addressed in court and not be handled by attempting to force compliance via enforcement actions at the time of the refusal to comply.
    FHP Policy 17.24 (4b)
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  158. Leadership:  Two or more persons who are interacting with one another in a manner that each person influences and is influenced by each other while achieving a common purpose, mission, or task is: 
  159. The social standards that regulate group members' behaviors.  They regulate the group's activities by identifying what is acceptable and what is not.
    Group norms
  160. Leadership:  Subgroups of individuals within a larger group who share common gials, values, and expectations sometimes at odds with other subgroups and perhaps the larger group's goals, values, and expectations:
  161. Leadership:  The strength of the bonds linking individuals to and in the group.  It is sometimes referred to as the glue that keeps a group together.
  162. Leadership:  THe process of making an attribution about a person based on how well (or poorly) he or she does on variety of different tasks.
  163. Leadership:  The process of making inferences and judgements about the causes of people's behavior.
  164. Leadership:  The tendency to overvalue internal factors in explaining someone's behavior, while undervalueing external factors.
    Fundamental Attribution Error
  165. Leadership:  What are steps used when people attend to something or someone around them, interpret what they see, and think it over, thus ultimately making inferences and judgements about what they see?

    D. all of the above
  166. Leadership:  Any consequence that increases the occurrence of a behavior in the future.
  167. Leadership:  An approach to learning and motivation based on the relationship between a person's behavior and the consequences they subsequently personally experience.
    operant conditioning
  168. Leadership:  Anythign that provides direction, intensity, and persistence to behavior.
  169. Leadership:  The process of ______________ involves measuring one's own behavior against certain internal standards and the subsequent administration of internally imposed consequences.
  170. Leadership:  Motivational theory which assumes that people value fair treatment when comparing themselves to others, and that the perception of inequity motivates people to take action.
    Equity Theory
  171. Leadership:  The organizational leader who directly supervises, manages, and leads the employee(s) involved in a given situation or case study.
    focal leader
  172. Leadership:  This exists when someone perceives that the ratio of his or her outcomes to inputs is not equal to the ratio of someone else's outcomes to inputs.
  173. Leadership:  According to ____________, inequity exists when the ratio of an indivual's perceived inputs to perceived outcomes differs signifigantly from that of a person or group with whom the individual compares himself.
    Adam's Equity Theory
  174. Occasionally when conducting a search, damage will occur and we must take responsibility for our actions.  If damage occurs you should:

    D. All of the above
  175. Under no circumstances shall a Denfense/Military or US Postal Service seal be broken without authorization by an on scene ___________.

    C. Military or postal supervisor
  176. True or False:
    A vehicle, due to its mobility, can be searched without a search warrant if probable cause exists.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  177. A member may search the passenger compartment of a vehicle incident to an arrest only where there is either:
    • An actual and continuing threat to their safety posed by arresting; or
    • A need to perserve evidence related to the crime for which the arrest is being made
  178. True or False:For consent to search a vehicle, or other property, the person must own the property or have sufficient control of the property to authorize the search, such as the driver of a vehicle.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  179. Regarding LVORI incidents, the CAD incident cannot be closed without authorization from the __________________.
    Incident commander
  180. ICS is required for any critical incident that results in the special deployment of personnel beyond that which is:
    • On-duty
    • Across district/troop lines; and/or
    • Involves the response of multiple agencies.
  181. After a smoke/fog incident where ICS was implemented ensure that the After Action Report is prepared and forwarded through appropriate channels to the ________ within __ days after termination of the incident.

    A. Director, 30
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