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  1. Sahelanthropus tchadensis
    Earliest hominins, close to commk. Amcestor of human and chimps foramen magnum im between that of human and ape
  2. Ardipithecus ramidus
    End of male on male agression pelvis used for both walking upright And climing trees aposable big thumb
  3. Australopithecus anamesis
    Fully erect bipedal human like bone and leg structure
  4. A. Aferensis
    Lucy, laetoli footprints mix of humAn and ape female pelvic structure
  5. Homo
    Tools increased brain capacity domestion of animals longe lifenspan no sagitL crest bigger brains
  6. H habilis
    1st to leave africa oldawan tools omnivore reduction of jaws and molars
  7. H erectus
    Inveted fire resmbles modern human grew up quickly smaller teeth and jaw
  8. H. Heilderbergensis
    Big brain first to hunt large animals probable an ancestor od neNderthals and modern human
  9. H neadnertalis
    Short stolcky body adapted to cold large nose large cranial capacity thick skull mousterian tools art musicalnistruments cermonial burial
  10. H sapiens
    Modern humans
  11. Hominids
  12. Hominoids
    Apes gibbons chimps gorillas and hominids (bipedal)
  13. Anthrapoids
    Hominoids and monkeys
  14. Old world
    Baboons short stuby tail
  15. New world
    Long swinign tail modern loomin monkey
  16. Prosimians
  17. Primates
    Anrhepoids and prosimians
  18. Ornithischians
    Bird hip closed structure
  19. Saurischians
    Lizard hip gave rise to modern birds open structure
  20. Thyreophora
    Back plates, stegasar and anklyasar
  21. Marginocephalia
    Head gear, ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs
  22. Ornithopoda
    Iguanadons and hadrosaurs
  23. Sauropods
    Open neck structure, diplidocods macronarids
  24. Theropods
    Three toed bipedal carnivores
  25. Stegasaurs
    Tiny head bony back plates for heat regulation spiked tail
  26. Anklyosaurs
    Tin boney back plates for armor
  27. Ceratopsian
    Parrot beak heae gear for heat reg and sex artract
  28. Pachycephalosaurs
    Butt head not for armor for sex
  29. Iguanadons
    Spike in thumb fighting thumbs and strait tails
  30. Hadrosaurs
    Duck billed (full set of teeth) crested (tubes mame noise)
  31. Diplidocods
    Neck and tail samenlengtj fed towards rgound teeth only in front
  32. Macronarids
    Teeth all around neck longer than tail fed upward
  33. Ceratosaurs
    Five fingers most primitive grasping hand
  34. Carnosaur
    Hole in head near nose three fingers
  35. Ornthominids
    Toothkess beak small
  36. Maniraptora
    Gave rise to modern bird extndingclaw
  37. Archaeopteryx
    Earliest bird long boney tail mi of therapod and bird claws on wings jaw full of little teeth modifiex saurischian hip brought together
  38. Thecodont
    Socket toothed reptiles ancestor to crocs dinos and teratasaurs diapsid skull no hole in hip
  39. Tektites
    Tiny Balls of quartz silicia
  40. Chicxulub crater
    Mexico possibly killed off dinos start if k t extinction
  41. Sivapithecids
    Apes from europe migrated to asia became modern orangutanz
  42. Dryopithecids
    Apes from europe came to africa became modern apes
  43. Eosimias
    First monkey found tiny
  44. Cro magnum
    Early cave man
  45. East African rift valley
    Homo sapiens evolved here lucy originiated here
  46. Laetoli footprints
    Left from a aferensis aka lucy footprints left in the ash signifying that she walked upright
  47. Basilosaurus
    Modern cetacean gave ruse to modern whales
  48. Gubbio Italy
    All hose things found first evidence of kt extinction
  49. Synapsids
    All hhumans are synapsid
  50. Ambulocetus
    Looked like a croc lived on land and in water ancestor to whales transition from land to water
  51. Artiodactyla
    Hooved animalz hippos camels
  52. Austrolopithecines
    Smaller brain large teeth larger jaw sagital crest tin brain 3.5 mya
  53. Importance of upright stance
    Faster thermal tools more efficiante
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