World Religions Vocab

  1. Experimental
    • Religious Experiences
    • - moses with burning bush
    • - miracles
  2. Mythic
    • not false, or irrational or completely true
    • - creation
    • - Adam & Eve
  3. Doctrinal
    • creeds, doctrines, or teachings
    • - Apostles' Creed
    • - Beatitudes
  4. Ethical
    • Teachings that answer questions
    • - 10 Commandments
  5. Transcendence
    The overcoming of the normal limitations imposed by the human condition, whether temporarily or abidingly
  6. Mysticism
    A category of religious experiences characterized by communing or united with the divine through in ward contemplation
  7. Ethics
    A dimension of religion that deals with how we are to act while living in the world
  8. Revelation
    The transmission of the divine will or knowledge to human beings, typically through myths or some form of religious experience
  9. Ritual
    • Worship carried out through some formal practice
    • - Baptism
    • - Palm Sunday
  10. Social
    • Communities
    • - youth group
    • - mass
    • - parish
  11. Material
    • - Statue of the Virign Mary
    • - Cross
  12. Faith
    Experience of the divine or holy presence, sometimes involving intellectual belief and sometimes emphasizing personal trust
  13. Cosmology
    The understanding of the nature of the universe
  14. Empathy
    The capacity for seeing things from another's perspective, and an important methodological approach for studying religions
  15. Myth
    A story (often record in scripture) that tends to answer quesitons of origins and serves as a source of sacred truth
  16. Pantheism
    The belief that the divine really exists in everything
  17. Ritual
    Formal worship practice, often based on the re-enactment of a myth
  18. Monotheism
    belief in one god
  19. Polythesium
    Belief in many gods
  20. Spiritual Perfections
    The complete fulfillment of spiritual potential
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