1. First Generation Pesticides
    • Highly toxic preparations made of ashes, sulfur, arsenic compunds, ground tabacco, or hydrogen cyanide.
    • Zinic, lead and mercury compunds were also use
  2. DDT
    • An organochlorine insecticde used first to control malaria-carrying mosquitos and lice and later controlled a variety of insect pest but banned in USA bc of persistence in envior. and ability to bioaccumulate
    • organic compound in secticidal properties.
  3. Second Gerneration pesicides
    • Synthetic organic
    • DDT became the 1st & 2nd generation pesticide.
    • Replace pesticides that contained harmful chem.
  4. Pesticides
    Chem subtance that kill insects,weeds and a whole assortment of organisms that reduce crop output.
  5. Hazardous Material
    • Discarded solid, liquid or gaseous material that may pose substantial threat/ potential hazard to humans health or envoir. when improperly handled.
    • Toxic
    • Highly reactive
    • ignitable
    • ifectious
    • radioactive
  6. Surface Advantages and disadvantages:
    • only 10% of enviorn. is distrubed
    • Alot of mineral is left behind(cave in's, explosion)
    • Harmful 2 workers bc of exposed elements, dust expensive
    • counts as majority of diff mineral elements that r extracted from usa.
    • Utilize heavy equipmetn with usage of fossil fuel scares large area of surface
    • revegatate and close hole doesnt appy to LCD air pollution and water pollution.
  7. Estimation of Risk
    • Determines the propability of an event or occurqnce "how likey of event/occrance"
    • Determine severity of an event,answering question "how much damage could be caused"
  8. Risk Assessment
    • Help ppl understand & quantify risks posed by technology, our lifestyles & other personal habits( smoking)
    • Hazard identification:
    • involves stpes to identify potential and real dangers.
    • Estimation of risk:
    • 1.determines the porbability of an event or accurance "how likely
  9. Large dose to determine toxicity
    High-does studies reduce # od lab animals beeded and can cut time/cost
  10. Theshold level large doses
    • Thereshold= level below which no effect occurs.
    • Researchers use high does to speed up expierments.
    • General Rule= entire process from exposure to manifestation takes about 1/8 th of life span of an animal.
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