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  1. Germ cell
    • M/F gonads are also suscetible to mutagens
    • Unreaired germ cell mutations may be passed to ofspring
  2. Cancer
    • uncontrolled proliferations of cells in human and other living organisms.
    • humans have more than 100 types, afflicting individuals of all race and aye.
    • USA- 2men 3women develop cancer.
  3. Synergism
    Phenomenono occuring when two or more agents (toxins) together produce an effects lager than expected loased on knowlege of effect of each alone= 2 or more conpounts acting together.
  4. Mutagen
    Chemical or physical agents capable of damaging the genetice material (DNA or chromo) of living organisms in both grem and somatie cell.
  5. Biological Magnification
    Progressive increase in concentration of a chem. substance in the organism of a food chain.
  6. Antagonism
    • Certain chem. can negate each others effect.
    • Harmful effects is reduced by certain combinations of potentially toxic chem.
    • Reprecented by eavation.
  7. Teratogens
    • Agents thatcause birth deffects
    • Caused by chemical, Physical & biological agents of teratogens.
  8. Toxic sub in cellular level 1
    • toxicants bind to enzymes the cellular protiens that regulate many biochemical reactions.
    • Distrubing enzymes=alter functioning of organs/tissues
  9. Toxic sub cellular level 2
    Toxic chem. substance bind directly to nonenmyme molecules in body, upsetting chem. blance air pollution
  10. Toxic sub cellular level 3
    Some toxicants interact with genetic .material of cell, causing mutations, potentially harmful changers structucre of DNA.
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