1. what are bryophytes?
    •Primitive plants

    •Reproduce by spores

    •Alternation of generations

    •Most have stems and leaves

    •Lack vascular tissue

    •Lack root system
  2. what are the substrate tolerance for bryophytes?
    rock, wood and soil
  3. what are the types of growth forms for bryophytes?
    • turf
    • cushion- stems packed together conserve H20
    • mat- grows on rotting logs
    • weft- starts growing straight then curving
    • fan- grows on tree trunks, (tropical region)
    • dendroids- look like trees
  4. what is apocarp?
    means upright growth
  5. what is pleurocarp?
    means relaxed growth
  6. what is the protonema?
    thread-like chain of cells that forms the earliest stage of a bryophyte life cycle
  7. what is a rhizoid?
    structure in plants, fungi and some other organisms that functions like a root in support or absorption
  8. leaf types
    • cell shapes
    • alar cells
    • costa
    • margin
    • awn
  9. what are the reproductive features?
    Image Upload 1
  10. reproduction in bryophytes involve....
    sexual and asexual stages
  11. vegatative reproduction include..

    brood bodies

  12. Image Upload 2
    broom moss
  13. Image Upload 3
    common fern moss
  14. Image Upload 4
    common haircap moss
  15. Image Upload 5
    common liverwort
  16. Image Upload 6
    cord moss
  17. Image Upload 7
    flat forked moss
  18. Image Upload 8
    peat moss
  19. Image Upload 9
    plume moss
  20. Image Upload 10
    purple fringed riccia
  21. Image Upload 11
    rock orchard moss
  22. Image Upload 12
    silvery pincushion moss
  23. Image Upload 13
    silvery thread moss
  24. Image Upload 14
  25. Image Upload 15
    toothed mnium
  26. Image Upload 16
    tree moss
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