Midterm Exam GA History

  1. What was the first public university in the United States?
    the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!)Image Upload 2
  2. Aan exact spot on the Earth is called
    absolute location
  3. In the United States Census, Georgia is located in which geographical region?
  4. What is the name of the largest freshwater swamp in North America?
    Okefenokee SwampImage Upload 4
  5. Coca-Cola began as a _______________.
    health tonic
  6. What was the name given to the Georgia colonists who were unhappy with the way that the colony was run?
  7. Delta Airlines began as ____________.
    a crop dusting service
  8. Who was the African American man that was injured when fighting with the colonists at Kettle Creek?
    Austin Dabney
  9. Who was the woman from the backcountry who is credited with killing Tories that came to her house demanding food?
    Nancy Hart
  10. Hart County is named for _____________.
    Nancy HartImage Upload 6
  11. What is the name of the idea that Americans developed, which meant that they felt they were destined to spread out across the entire continent?
    manifest destiny
  12. Why did the capital of Georgia keep moving around?
    to remain in the center of the population of Georgia
  13. How often are censuses taken?
    every 10 years
  14. Which time period of Native Americans developed the bow and arrow?
  15. During which period of Native American times did people begin to build burial mounds?
    WoodlandImage Upload 8
  16. Which 3 men from Georgia signed the Declaration of Independence?
    • Button Gwinnett
    • George Walton
    • Lyman Hall
  17. What was the name of the first written government for the United States?
    The Articles of Confederation
  18. What is the common name for the removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia?
    Trail of Tears
  19. Who was the royal governor of Georgia when the American Revolution began?
    James Wright
  20. What was the name of the colonel of the Battle of Kettle Creek?
    Elijah Clarke
  21. Who led the Creek Indians against the colonists during the American Revolution?
    Alexander McGillivray
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