1. CBGB
    • Country Blue Grass and blues
    • Music Club
  2. synthesizer
    a device that generates and modifies sounds electronically, especially a musical instrument
  3. London Calling
    The Clash
  4. Malcolm McLaren
    manager of the Sex Pistols
  5. Hip Hop
    a form of popular culture that started in African American inner-city areas
  6. scratching
    DJ or turntablist technique
  7. sample
    piece of recorded sound
  8. MIDI
    industry-standard protocol that enables electronic musical instruments (synthesizers, drum machines)
  9. rave
    a dance party that lasts all night and electronically synthesized music is played
  10. mix
    an electronic blending of tracks or sounds made to produce a recording.
  11. ambient music
    background music
  12. loop
    piece of film or tape joined at both ends to allow repeated use of images or sound
  13. sound collage
    technique where sound objects or compositions, including songs, are created from collage
  14. new wave
    post-punk rock music
  15. Punk
    a youth movement of the late 1970s, characterized by loud aggressive rock music, confrontational attitudes, body piercing, and unconventional hairstyles, makeup, and clothing
  16. the Ramones
    Punk rock band
  17. Devo
    science fiction themes, deadpan surrealist humor, satirical social
  18. The B52s
    • formed in Athens, Georgia
    • Fred Schneider
  19. Brian Eno
    roxy music
  20. rap
    say something quickly
  21. House Music
    • disco music
    • deep bass rhythms, piano or synthesizer melodies, and soul-music singing, sometimes with elements of rap music
  22. Edgar Varèse
    • emphasis on timbre and rhythm
    • Father of Electronic Music
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