Digestion Review

  1. What is the main source of energy in the human diet?
  2. Which simple sugar is broken down during the life process of respiration?
  3. Why do polysaccharides need to be digested before they are absorbed?
    They are too large.
  4. Which polysaccaride cannot be digested by human because we do not have the enzyme to do so?
  5. What does the enzyme amylase break down?
  6. What is the name of the enzyme that breaks down lipids?
  7. Which type of fat should you eat in your diet because it easily used by the body?
    unsaturated fats
  8. What are the building blocks of a protein?
    amino acids
  9. What types of digestion takes place in the mouth?
    mechanical and chemical
  10. What is the wave-like muscle contraction that begins in the esophogus?
  11. What does pepsin digest?
  12. What structure prevents acid from entering the esophagus?
    cardiac sphincter
  13. Why does stomach acid need to be neutralized in the duodenum?
    Because the small intestine does not have a mucus layer to prevent the stomach acid from eating the intestine wall.
  14. What indicator would you use in the lab to prove that carbohydrates have been fully digested?
    Benedicts solution (Glucose Indicator) Blue to orange with heat.
  15. What is the function of the villi in the small intestine?
    Villi's function is to increase the surface area needed to absorb nutrients into the blood stream.
  16. How would a patient have to change their diet if their gall bladder was removed?
    They would have to decrease their intake of fats because there is no bile to emulsify fats.
  17. Name an organ necessary for digestion that is not part of the alimentary canal?
    the pancreas or liver
  18. What is the function of the large intestine?
    To absorb water.
  19. Why is diarrhea a serious medical issue?
    Because you can dehydrate quickly.
  20. Why do single-celled organisms not need a digestive system?
    They have organelles that do digestion.
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