science questions

  1. Can heat affect mass?
    • No, heat cannot affect mass:
    • if you have a ball and there are 3 molecules, and then, you add heat, there will still be 3 molecules.
  2. Can heat affect volume?
    Yes heat can affect volume, when you heat an object the molecules expand, because they are moving and bumping into each other. When you add heat you are adding energy to the molecules.
  3. Can heat pass through a vacuum?
    No, a vacuum is a space with no molecules, heat is energy because of moving molecules.
  4. Can chemical reactions produce heat?
    yes they can produce or absorb heat.
  5. what is energy?
  6. Can a mechanical impact create heat?
    yes, a mechanical impact can create heat
  7. What forms of energy do we know of?
  8. What is heat?
    When energy from moving molecules flows from one thing to another.
  9. What can heat do?
  10. What is light?
  11. What can light do?
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