Health Trimester 1 review

  1. the immediate and temporary care of a person taken with either injury or illness
    First Aid
  2. Outward appearance of illness or injury
  3. Deep hole in the skin (wide)
  4. Scrape
  5. clean cut
  6. ragged cut
  7. A limb that has been cut off from the body
    Severed limb
  8. Where is the brachial artery?
    Arm; in between the bicep and tricep muscle
  9. Where is the femoral artery?
    Leg; near the groin muscle- upper inside part of leg
  10. 1st Degree Burn
    Red Skin
  11. 2nd Degree Burn
    Blisters form
  12. 3rd Degree burn
    Cells under skin destroyed, nerves are destroyed, charred appearance
  13. (open) Bone sticks through the skin
    Compund Fracture
  14. Uses another part as the part of the splint (such as tying a fractured arm to your side)
    Anatomic Splint
  15. Overstretching of a ligament in a joint
  16. "ICE"
    Ice; compression; elvation
  17. Fire Triangle
    Fuel, Oxygen, and heat
  18. A fire burning in an uncontrolable manner
    Fire tetrahedron
  19. The deliberate setting of a fire
  20. The point at which something catches fire
    Flash point
  21. A gas that a flammable liquid produces
  22. Smoke
  23. Learners permit
    • -Only practice in daylight hours with a licensed driver
    • - cant practice by schools or hospitals
  24. Ages 16-18, can only drive to school or work with this in Nassau County
    Junior License
  25. Operator Class D
    can only drive Standard vehicles and vans
  26. getting your liscense taken away
  27. Probation period
    • lasts for six months
    • two minor violations suspends your license
  28. At what age does insurance rate go down?
    23 if your a safe driver
  29. Any underage alcohol possession is drunk driving
    Zero Tolerance Law
  30. An emotional or agitated driving state
    Road Rage
  31. The scientific amount of alcohol in your blood
    Bac-Blood Alcohol Content
  32. What is the legal limit for BAC
  33. .05%-.07% blood alcohol content (DWI)
    Driving while impaired
  34. When you sign a piece of paper that says you will take a breathalyzer if asked
    Implied Consent
  35. If you get a ticket then you need to go to court
    Traffic Summons
  36. Used to identify persistent violators
    Point System
  37. The act of avoiding conflict with other drivers through the obeying of road laws
    Defensive driving
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