Chapter 21

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  1. Antineoplastic Agents
    Suppress the growth of cells and attempt to destroy the spread of malignant cells
  2. Antineoplastic Drugs
    • Drugs destroy cells that are undergoing division
    • Can be cell cycle specific or non-specific
    • Specific- Antimetabolites, bleomycin, vinca alkaloids, podophyllin
    • Non-specific- Alkylating agents, antibiotics, Cisplatin, Nitrosoureas
  3. Cell Destruction Order
    Hair is most effected-nerves are least effected
  4. Adverse Drug Effects
    • Bone Marrow Suppression
    • Gastrointestinal effects
    • Dermatological effects
    • Hepatotoxicity
    • Neurologic effects
    • Nephrotoxicity
    • Immunosuppression
    • Germ cells
    • Oral Effects
  5. Oral Effects
    • Pain gums, mucosa and teeth
    • Ulcerations and gingival hemorrhage
    • Dryness and impaired taste sensation
    • Petechiae on hard palate
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