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  1. Definition: Verb; Declare not guilty, free from blame, discharge completely, to conduct or behave oneself

    Synonym: Exonerate, dismiss
    Antonym: Convict, declare guilty
  2. Word: Acquit
  3. Definition: Verb: To think, believe; to consider, have an opinion

    Synonym: Judge, regard
  4. Word: Deem
  5. Definition: Verb: To destroy, lay waste, leave in ruins

    Synonym: wreck, desolate
    Antonyms: Develop, improve
  6. Word: Devastate
  7. Definition: Verb: To throw doubt upon, dcuase to be distrusted; to damage in reputation; Noun: A loss or lack of belief, confidence or reputation

    Synonym: Disparage
    Antonm Confirm, corroborate, bolser
  8. Word: Discredit
  9. Definition: Difficult to catch or to hold; hard to explain or understand

    Synonyms: Slippery, wily, fleeting, puzzling, baffling
  10. Word: Elusive
  11. Definition: Verb: To bring into existence; to be the cause of

    Synonyms: create, produce, beget, cause
    Antonyms: end terminate, extinguish, stifle
  12. Word: Generate
  13. Definition: To worship as an idol, make an idol of; to love very much

    Synonyms: adore, revere
    Antonyms: despise, scorn, disdain, detest
  14. Word: Idolize
  15. Definition: A lack of thankfulnes

    Synonyms: thanklessness, ungratefulness
    Antonyms: thankfulness, gratefulness, recognition
  16. WordL Ingratitude
  17. Definition: Something kept in memory of the giver; a souvenir

    Synonyms: Reminder, memento
  18. Word: Keepsake
  19. Definition: A being that must eventually die; (adj) of or relating to such a being; causing death, fatal; possible or conceivable

    Synonyms: (noun) human; (adj) fleeting, extreme
    Antonyms: (noun) a god; (adj) undying, everlasting, eternal, divine
  20. Word: Mortal
  21. Definition: An entusiastic public welcom, an outburst of appplause

    Synonyms: Cheers, bravos, hurrahs
    Antonyms: Boos, jeers
  22. Word: Ovation
  23. Definition: (adj) unimportant, trivial; narow-minded; secondary in rank, minor

    Aynonyms: Insignificant; piddling
    Antonyms: Important, major, significant, weighty
  24. Word: Petty
  25. Definition: A sorry condition or state (v) to pledge, promise solemnly
  26. Word: Plight
  27. Definition: (v) to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do

    Synonym: Regret
    Antonym: Rejoice over
  28. Word: Repent
  29. Definition: a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought

    Synonyms: fantasy, meditation
  30. Word: Reverie
  31. Definition: an act or instance of calling back, an annulment, cancellation

    Synonyms: repeal, withdrawal
    Antonyms: reatification, confirmation
  32. Word: Revocation
  33. Definition: (v) to examine closely; to look over quickly but thoroughly; to analyze the rhythm of a poem; (n) an examination

    Synonyms: study, glance at, skim
  34. Word: Scan
  35. Definition: (n) a beach or shore; a string of wire, hair, etc. (v) to drive or fun aground; to leave in a hopeless position

    Synonyms: fiber, thread (v) abandon, maroon
    Antonyms:(v) rescue, save
  36. Word: Strand
  37. Definition:(n) Bitter disagreement; fighting, struggle

    Synonyms: conflict, discord, turmoil
    Antonyms: peace, calm, harmony, agreement
  38. Word: Strife
  39. Definition: (v) to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of

    Synonyms: unseat, upset, tumble
    Antonyms: remain upright, establish, set up
  40. Word: Topple
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