EES Geology

  1. Age of the Earth?
    Formed about 4.6 billion years ago
  2. Radioactivity produced by?
    Decay over time
  3. Radiocarbon Dating?
    For organic materials, contains carbon and comes from a living thing. Can be used up to 75,000 years ago
  4. Carbon 14 Dating Isotopes
    Found in all living things. Determined by ration between Carbon 14 and Carbon 12
  5. 88% of Earth's history
    Precambrian Earth
  6. Gases in original atmosphere
    Carbon diaoxide, water vapor, nitrogen, but NO oxygen
  7. Cyanobacteria
    Precambrian rocks contains fossils of one-celled organisms, resembling modern “cyanobacteria,” using H2O, CO2 and energy to make oxygen [photosynthesis] these “prokaryotes” had NO nucelus
  8. First period of Paleozoic
    Cambrian Period
  9. Ordovican Period events
    • land plants appeared and vertebrates became more common
    • Vertebrates appeared as jawless fishes
  10. Mesozoic life extinction
    • Dinosaurs and most large
    • animals disappeared 65 million years ago b’cause Meteorites impact the Earth
    • Evidence? A worldwide layer of sediment,
    • containing element Iridium—rare in Earth, but found in meteorites, Volcanic eruptions, Disease
  11. Cenozoic Definition
    Recent Life
  12. Cenzoic animals
    Mammals, mammoths, sloths, sabre-tooth cats, wolves, bison, and homosapiens
  13. Mammoth extinction?
    Quaternary Period, about 10,000 years ago
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