Social Studies Chapter 6 Review

  1. What forced the British to leave Boston?
    They were threatened to be bombarded by artillery.
  2. What ideas can be found in the Declaration of Independence?
    That people have natural and unalienable rights.
  3. Why were the British forced to leave Boston?
    Because they were threatened to be bombarded by artillery.
  4. What events led to the Battle of Bunker Hill?
    The capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the continental army's men posted at Breeds Hill
  5. Why were British troops sent to Concord?
    Because the Massachusetts militia was storing arms and ammunition in Concord
  6. Why did Britain pass the Intolerable acts?
    To punish colonists fro their behavior.
  7. Why did the fighting begin at Lexington?
    Because the king found out about Sam Adams and John Hancock hiding in Lexington.
  8. What rights were threatened by the Intolerable Acts?
    Their traditional and liberty rights.
  9. What prompted the Boston Tea Party?
    The tea act.
  10. How did the colonist express their discontent?
    They boycotted on many occasions.
  11. Why did the colonists oppose the Townsend acts?
    Because the acts placed duties on many major imports.
  12. How did the colonists living in port cities react to the tea act?
    They dumped valuable British tea into their harbors.
  13. In what ways dis the colonists protest the British laws?
    They formed secret societies to oppose British laws and they boycotted on numerous occasions.
  14. Why did the townshend acts anger the colonists?
    They put taxes on numerous imports such as glass, paint, lead, and tea
  15. How did the colonists oppose the new acts?
    They boycotted them by not buying that certain product or protesting the Parliament's power.
  16. Why did Parliament pass new laws governing the colonies?
    They wanted tighter control
  17. How did the colonists react when the Parliament took over the assemblies' power to tax?
    They boycotted the British policies
  18. Why were colonists threatened by Parliament's new laws?
    Because it was taxation without representation
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