ANTH200: Ch.3

  1. The probability of survival and reproduction of an organism is known as its
  2. Natural selection can act to __________ variation between populations.
    increase or decrease
  3. Imagine an allele frequency of 0.7 in a given population. If this population meets the assumption of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the allele frequency will ________ in the next generation.
    stay the same
  4. Assume two alleles, A and B, at a given locus. If the frequency of the A allele is 0.3 and the frequency of the B allele is 0.7, then what is the expected frequency of genotype AA?
  5. Imagine a locus with two alleles, A and a. If there are 4 people with genotype AA, 32 people with genotype Aa, and 64 people with genotype aa, what is the frequency of the A allele?
  6. Imagine a locus with two alleles, A and Z, where individuals with the genotype AA are more resistant to a given disease than those with genotypes AZ or ZZ. This is an example of
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