Chapter 8 Vocab

  1. somatic senses
    respond to touch, pressure, temperature, and pain
  2. special senses
    respond to smell, taste, vision, and equilibrium
  3. chemoreceptors
    a sensory nerve cell activated by chemical stimuli
  4. mechanoreceptors
    receptors that are sensitive to mechanical pressures such as touch, sound, and labor contractions
  5. thermoreceptors
    sensory receptors that respond to heat/cold and are sensitive to body temperatures
  6. photoreceptors
    specialized receptors that respond to light energy and are found in the human retina
  7. pain receptors
    free, unspecialized nerve endings that bring info from the external environment to the brain
  8. visceral pain
    occurs in visceral tissues such as the heart, lungs, and intestines
  9. referred pain
    feels as though it is coming from a different body part
  10. acute pain
    originates from the skin and usually stops when the stimulus stops
  11. chronic pain
    a dull, aching sensation
  12. sweet taste
    responds to sugars, some amino acids, and lead salts
  13. sour taste
    responds to acidic hydrogen ions
  14. salty taste
    responds to metal ions in solution
  15. bitter taste
    responds to alkaloids
  16. umami
    responds to the amino acid glutamate for the taste savory
  17. eardrum
  18. auditory (Eustachian) tube
    connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and helps maintain air pressure
  19. labyrinth
    communicating chambers and tubes in the inner ear
  20. semi-circular canals
    provide a sense of equilibrium
  21. eyelid
    covers and protects the eye
  22. conjunctiva
    the covering around the eye and under the eyelids
  23. lacrimal glands
    produce tears and drain into the nasal cavity; the largest set of eye glands; moisten and lubricate the eye surface
  24. exrinsic muscles
    the 6 muscles that move the eyeball
  25. cornea
    the transparent part of the eye that focuses light rays
  26. sclera
    a continuation of the cornea that goes towards the back of the eye
  27. optic nerve
    exits the optic disc and transmits visual information to the brain
  28. iris
    the colored portion of the eye
  29. pupil
    an opening for light to enter in the eye
  30. retina
    visual receptor cells
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