Computer Exam

  1. Being ___ means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations.

    C. Computer literate
  2. The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern:
    Data Mining
  3. Which of the following do today's educator NOT need to be familiar with to create constructive computerized lessons and to interact with students?

    C. Web authoring software
  4. _____ aare extremely detailed re-creations of crimes or crime scenes that are generated with computers based on forensic evidence, depositions of witnesses, and the opinions of experts.

    D. Computer forensics animations
  5. Medical students can train on ____ and experience firsthand how a human would react to a particular treatment.

    C. Patient simulators
  6. By studying the data produced by___, scientists hope to improve the prediction of weather phenomena.

    D. Simulations
  7. A nanometer is:

    D. One-billionth of a meter
  8. The difference between people with access to computers and the internet and those without this access is known as the :

    C. digital divide
  9. A___ is a special device that is installed in your computer that allows it to communicate with other deivices on the network.

    C. network adaptor
  10. While engineers work to create computer that can understand us emotionally, ___ are also evolving toward a more human apperance.
    a. RFIDs
    B. affecting computing techniques
    c. ESP systems
    D. computer systems
    D computer systems
  11. ____ is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.

    A. information
  12. ___ binary digits (or bits) combine to create on byte.

    D. eight
  13. A___ is approx. 1 billion bytes.

    A. gigabyte
  14. ____ Computers are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as your car or the electronic thermostat in your home.

    D. embedded
  15. A____ is a device that looks like a skinny pen but has no ink.

    A. stylus
  16. A(n)____ uses internal sensor or laser to detect the mouse's movement.

    A. optical mouse
  17. _____ printers have tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon.

    B. impact
  18. ___ is power mode that allows the compupter to save an image of the desktop and enter a state of reduce power consumption to save energy.
    a. sleep
    b hibernate
    c. standby
    d. coool down
    b. hibernate
  19. USB ports are fast replacing traditional___ and ___ ports because of their ability to transer data quickly.
    a. video, audio
    b ethernet, speaker
    c. monitor, modem
    d. parallel, serial
    d. parallel, serial
  20. A___ enables your computer to connect to other computers or to the internet.
    A. controller card
    b. video card
    c network interface card
    d. sound card
    c. network interface card (NIC)
  21. The internet is:

    A. a large networks of networks
  22. Instant messaging (IM) services are programs that enable you to:

    D. communicate with others who are online
  23. Web 2.0 describes:

    D. a trend of new web applicaions that combine the functionality of multiple applications.
  24. Podcasts use which of the following technologies?

    A. RSS
  25. Adobe Reader, Flash player, and Quicktime player are all examples of special sofeware programs called;

    A. plug-ins
  26. The name of the free internet browser from Mozzilla is:

    D. firefox
  27. What protocol allows files to be transferred from a web server so that you can view them on your computer using a browser?

    A. HTTP
  28. A set of programs that searches the Web to find informations is called a:

    C. search engine
  29. The advantage of a dial-up internet connection is:

    C. low costs
  30. the large scale newworking (LSN) project is:

    D. a U. S Governement Internet research project
  31. System software does all the following Except:

    A. add graphics and pictures to files
  32. In a spreadsheet, the colums and rows form indicifual boxes called:

    B. cells
  33. Presentation software includes all of the following features Except:
    a,. transitions
    b. animation effects
    c. formulas
    d. themes
    c. formulas
  34. Microsoft Office and Corel Wordperfect Office are examples of:

    B. software suites
  35. CD ripping refers to:

    A. encoding CD to MP3 format
  36. QuarkXpress and Adobe Indesign are examples of ____ software.
    a word processing
    b. video editing
    c. image editing
    d. destop publishing
    d. desktop publishing
  37. GPS software allows users to:

    B. locate restaurants, airports, and points of interest
  38. Web-based application software is software that:

    B. is stored completely on a web server intead of your hard drive
  39. A(n)___ software installation allows you to decide which features you want to install on the hard drive.

    A. custom
  40. Which of the following is an example of discounted software?

    B. educational versions of software
  41. The______ of the operating system allows the user to communicate with the computer system.

    D. interface
  42. Which of the following is a single-user, multiask operating system?

    A. Mac Os
  43. Which of the following statments about Apple Mac OS is TRUE?
    a. Mac OS was first OS to use a graphuical user interface.
    c. Mac OS can be used on Windows-based PCs
    d. There are more software applications avaiable for the Mac OS than for Windows-based PCs
    A. Mac OS was the first OS to use a graphical user interface
  44. The ______ is responsible for managing the processor and all other components of the computer system, and is an essential part of the operating system.

    D. kernel
  45. The basic input/output system is stored on a ___chip.

    A. ROM
  46. The ____ contains all of the different configurations used by the OS and by other applications.

    D. registry
  47. Berfore upgrading your OS, you should back up your:

    A. data files
  48. Windows 7 introduces the concept of___. which are folder that gather files from different locations and display the files as if they were all saved in a single folder.

    A. libraries
  49. With Windows Explorer, you can perform all of the following file management actions EXCEPT:

    C. editing files
  50. The most essential software in your computer system is the:

    A. operating system software
  51. You can use the Windows____ to check on a nonrepsonsive program.

    A. Task manager
  52. Moore's Law is a rule that predicts:

    B. the pace at which CPUs improve
  53. The CPU is connected to the system memory by the:

    A. front side bus
  54. CPU speed is measure in:

    C. gigahertz
  55. When your computer is using virtual memory, the operating system builds a file called the____ on the hard drive that allows processing to continue.

    A. page file
  56. The amount of RAM that is actuall on the memory modules in your computer is the ___ memory.

    A. physical
  57. Which is fastest type of optical drive on the market?

    d DVD drives
    C. Blu-ray drives
  58. Two types of video memory;

    A. GDDR3 and GDDR5
  59. An expansion card that translates binary data into images is a(n):

    A. video card
  60. Running the Disk Cleanup utility is a quick way to:
    a. clean out your Start up folder
    b. clear out unnecessary files.
    c, remove spyware programs
    d. defrag your hard drive
    b. clear out your unnecessary files
  61. Which of the following is NOT an example of a network node?

    D. mouse
  62. The ___ is the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network.
    a, throughput
    b. data transfer rate
    c. node speed
    d. transmission speed
    b. data transfer rate
  63. A ____ is a newtowk located in your home that is used to connect all of your digital devices.

    D. HAN
  64. Client/server newtorks are controlled by a central server that runs a sprecialized piece of software called:

    C. Networking operatins system (NOS)
  65. A ____ keeps track of data packets and in conjunction with network interface cards, helps the data packets find their destination without running into each other on an Ethernet network.

    A. switch
  66. Which of the following newtowkr adapters is most likely to be preinstalled in a typical notebook computer today?
    a. modem
    b. a transceiver
    b. both a wireless and wired network adapter
    d. a power-line adapter
    c. both a wireless and wired network adapter
  67. The unique number assigned to a network adapter by the manufacturer is referred to as the ____ address.

    D. Mac
  68. Which transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest?

    C. fiber-optic cable
  69. The most popular transmission medium option for wired Ethernet networks is:

    B. unshilded twisted pair cable (UTP)
  70. Which of the following devices is needed to share an Internet connection on a wireless network?

    B. wireless router
  71. Images are representation of sound and light waves called___ or continuous waves.

    A. digital
  72. The operating system of a cell phone is stored:
    a the CPU
    b. the transciever
    c. RAM
    d. ROM
    d. ROM
  73. A ____ is included in a cell phone to hangle the compression of data for it to be quickly trnasmitted to another phone.

    B. digital signal processor
  74. SMS delivers messages to appropriate mobile device using__ technology

    A. store and forward
  75. An IPOD is an example of a:

    d personal information manager
    A. PMP
  76. To transfer files from your computer to a portable media player, most new pmps use a ___ port or fire wire port.

    C. USB
  77. _____ is a special copyleft license used for software.

    D. GNU
  78. A__ runs a full-featured operating system and weighs less than 2 lbs.
  79. Flash memory, used MP3 players, is a type of:

    D. nonvolatile memory
  80. Broadcasting your video to a live audience over the WEB is referred to as:

    A. webcasting
  81. A___ is a secure internet pathway that large corporations use to protect sensitive date.

    D. VPN
  82. Which type of virus was the famous Michelangelo virus?
    a. a time bomb
    b. a worm
    d. a script virus
    d. an e-mail virus
    a. time bomb
  83. During the process of___ the antivirus software records key attributes about the files on your computer and keeps these statistics in a safe place on your hard drive.

    C. encryption
  84. ___floods the computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any more requests for information.
    a. A trojan hourse
    a polymorphic virus
    c. portblocking
    d. a ddos attack
    d. a ddos attack
  85. The purpose of network address translation (NAT) is to:

    C. hide user IP addresses from the internet
  86. Adware and spyware are referred to collectively as:

    A. grayware
  87. All of the following can be used for backing up data files EXCEPT:

    A. RAM
  88. For complete protection when backing up your files, you should use a program that creates a ____ of your entire system.

    A. image backup
  89. Which of the statements about protecting against power surges is false?

    C. PRinters dont require protectors
  90. Social ___ is any technique that uses social skills to generate human interaction that entices individuals to reveal sensitive information.
    a. engineering
    b/ pharming
    c. pretexting
    d. theft
    a. engineering
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