French Possessive Adjectives

  1. my brother
    mon frere
  2. his sister
    sa soeur
  3. your uncle
    ton oncle
  4. her aunt
    sa tante
  5. your grand-father
    ton grand pere
  6. his mother
    sa mere
  7. her father
    son pere
  8. his father
    son pere
  9. her mother
    sa mere
  10. my nephew
    mon neveu
  11. my nephew
    mon neveu
  12. his niece
    ta niece
  13. my cousin (male)
    mon cousine
  14. my cousin (female)
    ma cousine
  15. his aunt
    sa tante
  16. my grand-mother
    ma grand-mere
  17. her brother
    son frere
  18. my sister
    ma soeur
  19. your cousin
    ton cousine
  20. my uncle
    mon oncle
  21. her grand-father
    son grand pere
  22. his mothers
    ses mere
  23. her teacher
    son enseignant
  24. my father
    mon pere
  25. my mother
    ma mere
  26. her nephew
    son neveu
  27. her niece
    sa niece
  28. her cousin (male)
    son cousin
  29. his cousin (female)
    ma cousine
  30. my aunt
    ma tante
  31. your grand-father
    ta grand mere
  32. your grand-parents
    tes grand parents
  33. his cousins (female)
    ses cousines
  34. my brothers
    mes frere
  35. your sisters
    tes soeur
  36. her uncles
    ses oncle
  37. his cousins (female)
    ses cousines
  38. your nephew
    ton neveu
  39. father
    un pere
  40. brother
    un frere
  41. son
    un fils
  42. husband
    un mari
  43. grandfather
    un grand-pere
  44. grand son
    un petit fils
  45. cousin
    un cousin
  46. uncle
    un oncle
  47. nephew
    un neveu
  48. boyfriend
    un petit ami
  49. mom
    une mere
  50. sister
    une soeur
  51. daughter
    une fille
  52. wife
    une femme
  53. grandmother
    une grand-mere
  54. grand daughter
    une petite fille
  55. cousin
    une cousine
  56. aunt
    une tante
  57. niece
    une niece
  58. girlfriend
    une petite amie
  59. What is the main difference between possessive adjectives in ENGLISH and FRENCH?
    • English - the noun depends on what owns the object
    • French - the noun depends on the object's number, gender
  60. her dog
    son chien
  61. my television
    ma television
  62. her snowball
    se boule de neige
  63. my energy
    mon energie
  64. my eraser
    ma gomme
  65. my report card
    mon bulletin
  66. his children
    ses enfants
  67. her map
    son plan
  68. your rabbit
    ton lapin
  69. his bedroom
    sa chambre
  70. her coffee
    son cafe
  71. my music
    ma musique
  72. his table
    sa table
  73. his socks
    ses chaussettes
  74. your guitar
    ta guitare
  75. my mouth
    ma bouche
  76. his car
    sa voiture
  77. your tissues
    tes mouchoirs
  78. my (masculine)
  79. your (before vowel)
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