Latin Root Words mal; male

  1. depressing; causing gloom; or bad feelings
    dismal (adj)
  2. bad health; illness; sickness
    malady (n)
  3. bad air; a disease usually spread by infected mosquitoes
    malalria (n)
  4. an evil doer; a person who does bad things
    malefactor (n)
  5. a word that describes a person or character who wishes bad things would happen to others
    malevolent (adj)
  6. wrongdoing or bad conduct by a public official
    malefeasance (n)
  7. mischief; evil intent; bad will
    malice (n)
  8. harmful; something bad enough that it could result in death when related to cancer
    malignant (adj)
  9. having bad health or poor nutrition
    malnourished (adj)
  10. bad; stinky
    malodorous (adj)
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Latin Root Words mal; male
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