BUS 121-51 Final Shorts

  1. Marketing (PE CPPD of IGS)
    Process of planning and executing of CPPD the IGS to create exchanges that satisfy indiv/org objectives.
  2. 4Ps
    • product
    • pricing
    • promotion
    • place
  3. Target market (grp of ind)
    grp of ind/org or both, in which a firm develops/maintains a marketing mix suitable for a specific need and preference of a grp.
  4. Buying behavior (DA)
    Decision and Actions of people involved in BU products.
  5. MIS (to distrib)
    Is to distribute TU info from both IE resources to ME who need it.
  6. Accounting equation (basis)
    Basis of acct process: A=L+OE
  7. Money (anything PSR)
    Anything a society uses to purchase PSR.
  8. 5Cs
    • character - borrowers attitude towards credit oblig.
    • capacity - borrowers financial ability to meet credit oblig.
    • capital - borrowers assets and net worth
    • collateral - real estate or property pledged as security of a loan
    • condition - (GEC) gen economic condition that can affect borrowers ability to repay load or credit obligations.
  9. Credit (IPP)
    IPP in exchange for a promise to repay borrowed $, with or w/o interest at a later date.
  10. Financial Management (all acts concern)
    All the act concerned with obtaining money & using it eff.
  11. Budget (fin state IE)
    Financial statement that projects IE over a specified future period
  12. Common Stock (vote)
    Stock owner may vote on corp matters but whos clms on profits/assets are subordinate to the clm of others
  13. Preferred Stock (no vote)
    Stock holders that usually do have voting rights but whose clms on dividends are paid before common stocks owners.
  14. Blue-Chip Stock (safe)
    Safe investment generally attracts conservative investors.
  15. Bull Market (increased)
    When stock prices have increased for an ext period of time.
  16. Bear Market (decreased)
    When stock prices have decreased for an ext period of time.
  17. Stock Split (division)
    Division of each outstanding share of corp stock into greater # of shares.
  18. Blue Sky Laws (state)
    State laws which are designed to protect consumers from fraudulent deals w/co. which handle SBS.
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