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  1. Factors Associated with increased medical cost
    • Aging population - the elderly get sick more often
    • increase in catastrophic healthcare conditions, such as AIDS and Cancer
    • Increase in premature birth; premature births are more expensive
    • Organ transplants are very expensive
    • dental health is becoming very expensive
    • healthcare lawsuits costs are increasing
  2. Sandwich Generation
    Family that has both you kids and old parents
  3. Senescence
    This is a decline in physical ability accompanied by a rise in vulnerability to disease and stress
  4. Age stratification
    Every society gives certain roles and status based on age
  5. Secondary problems
    problems that happen as a result of a disability or disease
  6. Major Activity
    • 10% of population has a problem with a major activity
    • Play, Work, School, Self Care
  7. Education
    Lower your education the higher probability of disability
  8. Race
    American indians have the highest disability rate asians have the lowest
  9. Age
    • People under 18 have more mental disabilities, hearing loss, asthma, and speech impediments
    • Older adults tend to have more orthopedic disabilities, degenerative diseases, and accidents
  10. Ethnocentrism
    Judging another culture through your own standards
  11. Family characterized by
    • Common residents
    • economic cooperation
    • reproduction
  12. It is a marital relationship or membershipThis is two individuals bonded together by marriageThis bond can be broken
  13. This is a matter of birth related by blood this cannot be broken
  14. This is an adopted membershipin can also be relationships of Godparents and Godchildren
  15. Family of Orientation
    Consists of blood-kin
  16. Family of Procreation
    This consists of a family built by procreation
  17. Polygamist Family
    Two or more nuclear families related by marriage
  18. Monogamy
    One man and one woman
  19. Serial Monogamy
    This is having multiple marriages, one after the other
  20. Polygyny
    This is one man and two or more women
  21. Polyandry
    This is one woman and two or more men
  22. Example of group marriage community
    The Oneida Community in upstate new york
  23. The kids are from different serical manogamy relationships
    single parent families
  24. A couple get married and lives with or close to the husbands family
  25. Couple gets married and lives with or near wife's parents
  26. Couple who gets married and lives in new place away from parents
  27. three elements of religion
    • Ritual
    • A myth or Story
    • Sacred Law
  28. People who believe in a given religion
  29. three functions of the three elements of religion
    • prescribe adherents in prescribed communal activities
    • they shape the manner in which adherents view and understand the world
    • they help structure the behavior patterns of the religious adherents
  30. Cult
    A small religious group in a state of tension with the predominant religion
  31. Sects
    • exclusive
    • see themselves as having the absolute and final truth
    • consider the dominant traditions of society as immoral
    • demand members see sect as primary allegiance
    • voluntary participation
  32. The people in a sect
  33. church or denomination
    • include the just and unjust
    • sinners can be rehabilitated in the eyes of the church
    • church tends to accept the dominant traditions of society
    • ther is a paid highly educated ministry or priesthood that dominates the religious activities
  34. Causes of increased homelessness
    • Elimination of county poor farms
    • changes in vagrancy laws
    • Reduction in admittance to mental hospitals
    • Urban Renewal and Elimination of Flophouses
    • Increase in Divorce and Births to Unwed mothers
    • Increase in substance abuse\Changing Economy
  35. Social infastructure
    The programer that programs the street lights
  36. Change that comes about from within a system
  37. Change that comes about from outside a system
  38. 5 Stages of Purchase
    • Awareness of a product
    • Information seeking stage
    • Evaluation
    • Trial
    • Purchase/adoption
  39. six types of purchasers
    • Innovators
    • early adopters
    • early majority
    • majority
    • laggers
  40. Combination of demographic characteristics together with psychological profiles
  41. The act of freeing a slave
    • manumission
    • never available in america
  42. Mixture of different racial stocks through inbreeding
  43. Black Belt
    90% of rural african american population lives in southeast
  44. two places young people dont vote
    • Military Bases
    • College Towns
  45. Vital statistics
    Information such as births, deaths, marriage, divorce, infant death rate, and epidemiological information
  46. Sources of Data
    • Census
    • Survey Data
    • Vital Statistics
    • Federal, state, local agencies of the government
    • private industry
    • historical records
    • focus groups
    • content analysis
    • personal observations
  47. Merril Act
    Created land grant institutions in all 50 states
  48. second Merril Act
    Created black land grant institutions
  49. Demography
    • The scientific study of population
    • subset of sociology
  50. Demographics
    applied demography
  51. information
    knowledge derived from the study of data
  52. Primary Data
    you collect the data yourself
  53. Secondary Data
    Data that someone else has gathered
  54. Three major topics in formal demography
    • Population Processes (birth death and migration)
    • Population Structure (age and gender)
    • Population Characteristics (marital status race religion and socioeconomic status)
  55. Group tracked throughout time
  56. Fertility
    Number of children born to women
  57. Fecundity
    • biological capability to produce children
    • 15-44
  58. Becker's thesis
    Higher Stratus couples have higher costs for having kids
  59. Demographic transitions
    • High fertility high mortality
    • high fertility low mortality
    • low fertility low mortality
  60. Crude birth rate
    Total number of births divided by population
  61. Age specific fertility rate
    total number of live births to women age 16-44 divided by total number of women age 16-44 * 1000
  62. lifespan
    • the oldest age to which a human can survive
    • almost entirely biological
  63. Longevity
    • the ability to remain alive from one year to the next
    • both biological and social
  64. leading causes of death
    • Degeneration
    • Communicable diseases
    • Childhood diseases
  65. Crude mortality rate
    Total deaths / Total population * 1000
  66. Infant mortality rate
    Deaths from age 0-1 / births
  67. division or process of dividing into two mutually exclusive groups
  68. Ecological definition of rural vs. urban
    based on population
  69. sociocultural definitions of rural vs urban
    Way of life
  70. german word for rural
  71. German word for rural
  72. 7 reasons for rural turn around
    • Improvement in the quality of life in rural areas
    • Interstate highway system
    • Rural industrialization
    • excess cash in rural areas
    • Increased retiree demand
    • colleges and universities located in rural areas
    • urban unrest and anti urban bias
  73. child dependency ratio
    number of youth dependents / total working population * 100
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