refanes #21-30

  1. no tener pelos en la lengua
    unreserved in speech; to speak one's mind
  2. nadar entre dos aguas
    to be undecided
  3. ahogarse en un vaso de agua
    to make a major issue out of a minor one; to exaggerate the importance of something
  4. estar en la luna
    to be daydreaming
  5. no tener dónde caerse muerto
    to be flat broke; to have no money
  6. estar echando chispas
    angry and agitated. (As if needing to be restrained); to be really mad
  7. mandarle a alguien a freír espárragos
    go away, take a hike, get out of here
  8. no entender ni papa
    to not understand a thing
  9. tomarle a uno el pelo
    subject to a playful hoax or joke; tease
  10. dejar a alguien plantado
    to leave someone at a time when they need you to stay and help them
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refanes #21-30